Mission-E #07 — We Come Together Because Opposites Attract

August 18th, 2008


Uh… what just happened here?


Wait… Adol x Maori? Where did this relationship come from? I’ll admit that both of them had terrible days, what with their bosses both basically flipping them the bird. It’s a little hard to feel too bad for Adol so far since he was trying to shoot the girls for the past month or so, but you have to wonder how much differently things would have worked out if Maori had a partner that was semi-competent. After 6 episodes of hauling Chinami’s tail out of the line of fire repeatedly and then Chinami totally screwing up their mission while Maori was busy getting shot at, she does have every right to be ticked off at Chinami being nowhere near as elite of  super spy as Maori is.

This whole Adol thing is going to take some severe adaptation though. Even setting aside the creepiness of Adol hanging out with a high school girl, isn’t he supposed to be aware that she’s one of the people he’s been trying to kill for awhile now? Shouldn’t both be aware of that? It’s not like he ever held in at gunpoint in broad daylight. Oh wait, he did. Apparently both of them just have very very short memories. Oh well, it’ll serve them well for when they have to kiss and make up with their employers.

Brief Summary:

After the evil vulcan gives a report to the league of shadowy figures (some of whom are in sunglasses… inside… in a dark room) Adol tries to swing by, but the secretaries tell him that he has to leave, and his boss ignores his calls completely. Meanwhile, the Oz folks discuss the recent revelations, especially about all their pasts linked together.

At school, Maori’s friend gets… more friendly with her. She has a video of a bunny on her cell phone. Maori apologizes for the other day, but gets mopey when she thinks about Oz and her social life. At night, she and Chinami get info about their next mission.

The next day, Adol visits his sister at the hospital. She’s completely vegetative and doesn’t respond to anything at all. He vows to do anything to help her.

Maori and Chinami scope out the drop off point. Chinami’s being her usual clueless self, which is starting to get to Maori. The dropoff starts up, but the Foundation suddenly attacks with a sniper shooting at Maori while a hot dog van tries to run down Chinami. Maori takes cover while Chinami grabs the guy and runs, but she drops the data key and the van runs it over when Chinami pulls the guy to safety. Maori pulls out her glove and creates a wall of wire. The van crashes into it and then drives away.

Back at Oz, Chinami apologizes for screwing things up, but Maori’s livid. She accuses them all of not taking this seriously enough and Chinami in particular of being fairly useless. Sonomi tries to calm her down, trying to talk about the things that are really important, but Maori’s had enough. She basically repeats back what Akane said in the previous episode about Oz and the Foundation being the same and then declares that she’s quitting Oz. Chinami follows her to stop her, but seeing Maori in tears brings her to a complete stop.

Likewise, Adol finally gets an appointment with his boss and is basically being told that he’s being kicked to the curb.

Outside, Maori thinks about her friend at school. Meanwhile, a newly bleached (or hair dye washed out) Adol swims.

At night while walking her dog, Maori gets pissed off when a vending machine doesn’t give her her drink. She zaps it and the drinks spill out. Adol comes up behind her and drinks one of them, handing her another. A cop comes by and they both take off running, both laughing.

Late at night, the evil villains evilly bring in trucks into a facility.


Maori goes on a date with Adol. This is uncomfortable in about three different ways.

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