Mission-E #06 — Read or Dream Vibes++

August 12th, 2008


Only with electricity instead of paper. Ow.

Sorry I’m a bit slow for these couple days. I’m absolutely swamped with work, and while anime is a nice temporary distraction from grading some 500 odd pages worth of papers, my brain feels like it’s leaking out my ear. I’m not going to hit up at least this iteration of Ala Alba because of that (and also because my download was immensely corrupted). Go bother Omni. I’m more of a Shinbo than an Akamatsu fan anyway. The four minutes that I could watch corresponded to absolutely nothing I had any clue about anyway.


Well, if the reactions and such are to be believed, then this episode was full of character reveals from Code-E… which sailed right over my head and somewhere off into the distant blue yonder. I’m immensely disappointed that Akane’s evil plan was to sow the seeds of rebellion in Maori before helping her run off. While it’s not quite the third faction that I was rooting for, it is a bit of deception and subterfuge within the Association itself, though to what end… who knows. I’m sure her Sith whispers will manifest themselves as either Maori angsting it up and running off to write some sad poetry on her own for an episode or two, or Maori’s hesitation will lead to Chinami getting hurt… whereupon she’ll go angst it up and write some sad poetry in a corner. Whoopie. Hopefully I’m proven wrong.

We got a third Oz-suit type-E girl this week, and completing the Read or Dream triumverate, she turns her etherlite into a bow and arrow. I’m sure Yuma can do other things, but the bow and arrow schtick was a little bit silly. Really very little happened this episode aside from Akane telling Maori "rarr rarr Oz is bad," and the revelation of that Adol is with the Association, which is apparently a shock to Chinami, and Yuma making a 20 second guest appearance. I am curious how Chinami managed to change into her power suit while being held at gunpoint. That’s a pretty neat trick. Or something Deen hopes people will completely ignore I suppose… somewhat like how Akane forgot to grab Maori’s second glove.

*sigh* Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got another 100 pages I want to finish before I allow myself to get lunch.


Oho, they shot her sunglasses off. That’s the closest that an Association gunman has come to hitting a target yet.

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