Kyouran Kazoku Nikki #19 — Contains No Raichou

August 17th, 2008


And that’s a damn pity.

I didn’t forget about the show! I was just very busy yesterday and the raw didn’t show up until late.


So, let me get this straight… with a little over a month left, instead of having an episode about one of the pre-existing villains who haven’t really done much of anything so far except eat cake, Yuka just suddenly goes all ansty again for absolutely no reason while an idiot devil tries to kill them all with a bomb straight out of Rocky and Bullwinkle? I don’t even remember them ever saying the devil’s name, unless it’s Akuma. She was so cliched that it physically caused me pain. "I want to kill them all, but oh crap, that little girl is crying I’m SO SAD NOW THIS IS TOUCHING." Most of the episode followed her and her sloth familiar, Mike, around as they spied on the denizens of the hot springs, run by Hyouka’s flame, Kiriko. Then she blew herself up, twice.

Yuka got to give her "life is hard and I used to cut my wrists" speech again, and then later a "it’s fine if you kill me, but if you kill my family I’ll… NEVER FORGIVE YOU," speech, either of which would have made a little more sense about 15 episodes ago when she was actually being angsty. Instead, after 4 months of cheerful Yuka, this just seems really trite and contrived. Chika provided most of the entertainment (as usual these days) with both the public flogging of Ginka (which he seemed to be enjoying… damned exhibitionist) and causing the other girls distress in the hot tub. Drunk Kyouka managed to be more irritating than usual, but I still got a chuckle out of Ouka blowing her off when she exposed herself to him towards the end. That’s probably the most amusing that Kyouka has been since she tried to become an orbital satellite wielding magical girl.


The Melancholy of Himemiya Senko.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • AGear2Ax says:

    Nooo Raichou!!! When she will do something worth enough of her status?

  • Myssa Rei says:

    Rachou’s been pretty much of a wild card, and since she’s ALSO supposed to be the current leader of the Paranormal Prevention Agency (!!), we won’t see the last of her. Even in that semi-fillerish episode with the animal drug, there’s a hint of, well, bad things on the horizon.

  • sage says:

    God, Chika is so damn fine.