Kimikiss ~ Pure Rouge DVD Special — We Need a Love Fight

August 23rd, 2008


And Kuryu’s biological clock needs a tune-up.


Just meant to be a somewhat cute little episode about Kuryu going around the school, breaking up people’s makeout sessions or judo throwing people playing soccer when soccer balls are kicked at them (who would ever think that would happen?) while thinking about getting some tail for herself, ending with her judo tossing Hiiragi and realizing that it’s okay to go at her own pace. Honey, if your way of hitting on people is to throw them to the ground, I’d give up on romance now and just find a nice masochist to put up with your penchant for excessively rough sex. This life lesson brought to you by Geritol. It’s actually much less exciting than it sounds, because the episode takes place god only knows when. Some time after Yuumi and Kouichi start hanging out, but before Mao dumps Kai’s ass, which puts it anywhere from around episode 3 to 16 or so. Take your pick.

There were a few amusing parts, but then again, there were also the frogs. The damned blasted frogs. At least they’re dead and gone forever now. I thought it was pretty funny when Kouichi and Kuryu both starting fanboying out over action movies. You could see the gears turning in both their heads over how little he wanted to go see that terrible romance movie with Yumi. Now that’d have been a twist… had he dumped both Yumi and Mao to hook up with the twintailed tsundere action hero. Otherwise though, it was easily one of the more boring Kimikiss episodes. Nothing happened, and we returned right back to where we were at the start of it. I know it’s just a DVD special and I wasn’t expecting some great overarching plot, but they could have at least fleshed out Kuryu a bit better than the vaguely misogynistic "she’s just a normal girl after all" message this seemed to be trying to espouse. At least show why she fell for Hiiragi or something like that. *sigh*

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  • Totali says:

    You’re just mad that the special wasn’t about the frogs’ hot romance adventure.