Birdy the Mighty: DECODE #09 — Legends of the Lost Budget

August 29th, 2008


Oho, looks like they remembered that this is an action show for at least a couple minutes.


From somewhere beyond the sands of time, across the mountains of peril, and past the deadly jungle of Amon Ra came a man with a small sack of gold. Birdy’s production team apparently killed this man to steal his money and then splurged on sake and whores. There was some left over though, so they thought… "What the hell, let’s go ahead and animate something interesting for once."

It’s a good thing too, because most of the rest of the episode was boring as sin. I think it was all the focus on the paparazzi guy whose name I refuse to even try to remember. Why is he here again? Why is he hanging out with a bunch of high school conspiracy theory nuts? My brain actually itched in agony a little bit when they stumbled upon Nakasugi acting suspicious in the forest by herself… for the second time… and instead of watching to see what was going on, Senkawa decided that the best way to the truth would be to walk up to her and ask her. It didn’t help matters that she didn’t even lie at that point and just went "I have no idea." Any number of things here should be klaxons blaring, but no… next week Senkawa’s taking her out on a date. It’s not like you’re trying to find a world destroying weapon that just devestated the landscape some couple hundred yards from your house or anything.

Also, Shyamalan holding up that baby like a crazed reject from the Lion King and then unceremoniously dumping it in the hands of the haz-mat team was unintentionally hilarious. The haz-mat team also decided to stand across from each other and shoot automatic weapons at somebody between them. That also had some hilarious potential, but I think I’ll just check it off to the production team still being drunk.  

Bahdy vs the Gothlolibot


Oh boy! A date with the bringer of the apocalypse! I bet this’ll end well!

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  • shadow says:

    Really is a good fight f/f , for me is a surprise to watch in it anime.

  • shadow says:

    No post!! if there is not fanservice then , nothing post here ?

  • karasu says:

    well, besides some awkward animation during the fighting scene, which isn’t all that foreign to this show anyways…I liked the fighting scene. Though I have to admit, DECODE is a lot worse than the original OVA.

  • Omisyth says:


  • Totali says:

    Bath peeking plot!