Birdy the Mighty: DECODE #07 — Birdy vs Love Power

August 15th, 2008


Sorry, Love Power, not today.


Let me get this straight. The evil robot that apparently Nakasugi has become (or we’re being led to believe that she has become or is an offshoot thereof, I wasn’t really paying close attention, Colbert was on and I was making fun of the episode in IRC) is looking for its mother so it can hug it to death. Thus, it embarks on a crime spree of hugging busty girls with glasses to death because it’s sad and looking for mommy.


An evil hugging robot that faceplants into boobs while it kills you?


As if that wasn’t bad enough, the art continues its downhill tumble. Generic evil minority fellow and Natsumi’s hands were casualties of this episode. Either that, or she’s become a seal. Poor flipper girl. At least she’s ready for… uh… life in the sea? She’ll at least be qualified for sychronized swimming to the EVIL radio song which is the harbinger of death.

So, yeah… my patience for this show is running out quickly… just like the budget did after episode 3. They just keep going on and on with this terrible Nakasugi nonsense. Did the paparazzi guy and Senkawa’s drunk idiot sister really need to take up half the episode? Are they really planning on stretching it out to cover the end of the season? I know there’s another one coming, but the painfully obvious foreshadowing does nothing to distract me from increasingly terrible art, redundant exposition, and ridiculously silly enemies. I can actually get behind the songbird with a giant laser, but the sad, crying, deathhugging robot has me ready to slam my head into the desk repeatedly.

Luckily, apparently Birdy has a cell phone with a tentacle in it, which was probably the most amusing part of the entire episode.


Now that the hugging robot mystery is solved… SCHOOL TRIP!

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One Lonely Comment

  • totali says:

    omg w/e! The robot love made for such a good plot! omg!

    Plus Shion is hawt.