Mission-E #03 — Studio Deen Needs to Do Some Bat Fact Checking

July 22nd, 2008


Also, an electrical bat? Really?


So, somehow this girl caught a disease laden flying rat, is keeping it as a pet, and it’s highly electrified… can you say best of all worlds? Who wouldn’t want some creature in your home that is anathema to anything technological as well as anything biological. Sure, it’s a fruit bat, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a skeevy winged mouse being kept in a bird cage. This may be a special bat though (aside from being able to emit electricity I mean) since the damn thing has no problems flying around in the bright sunlight. Why would you even use a bat in this manner? Wouldn’t a cockateil be far more appropriate?

Not the most exciting episode, but we did get to see the antagonist (at least for the time being) along with his love of animals and it’d seem that the Organization is finally taking the pair seriously. It’s nice to know that Maori can fight even without the combat suit (though she was wearing at least part of it underneath her clothes) and that she really does hit like the small girl that she is. That suffices for random grunts, but the black ops were able to shrug her off without an issue. I’m a little confused as to why the water spilling out all over the roof didn’t affect their electrical powers at all, but compared to the bat flying around in broad daylight, that’s probably a minor quibble.

Brief Summary:

Some guy flashes back to a scene of disaster and angrily thinks of Chinami.

In the park, Maori’s dog bothers a guy, who happily pets it before she calls it back and they leave. Later, she’s summoned away from a test by Chinami et all to investigate a suspected Type-E user, Kanazaki Kyouko and manages to piss off the schoolmate escorting her to the nurse’s office on the way. Good work, Maori… you show them those social skills. They stalk her for awhile (including getting chased off by the police once), but her readings are strange. Finally, as they observe her play with her illegal pet bat in her apartment, they witness definite Type-E activity, so decide to move in.

After they talk their way in, Maori the animal lover assures Kyouko that they won’t do anything to seperate her from her bat, Komori. Chinami scans Kyouko on the sly… but it turns out Kyouko’s completely powerless. The Type-E user is Komori. Chinami goes downstairs to report this and when the Black Ops show up at the building, grabs the power suits from the car.

The bat flips out and the electricity in the area goes nuts. Maori sees the elevators all converging on her floor and drags Kyouko (with Komori) to the roof. She takes down some of the Black Ops as they come up and Chinami makes it in time to finish the rest. They quickly recover though, so Chinami charges up an electrical blast and zaps the floor, electrocuting all of them at once… but they shrug that off after a second too. Since they’re after Komori, Kyouko releases the bat and it flies off into the air as the CO arrives. The Ops report that they lost the animal, but he corrects them, saying it had a name, Komori, and says that they have a new Type-E target now, the girls in front of them. Luckily, the cavalry arrives in the form of a helicopter and the three escape onto it.


Visiting Chinami’s boyfriend, who apparently lives on a farm… a science farm.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fire Candy says:

    First comment.

  • Kresnik says:

    So the cast from the first season is finally comes together. The only one missing is the female agent who went MIA during the end of first season, and the male agent.

  • Aroduc says:

    *sigh* I really should watch the first season, shouldn’t I?

  • issa-sa says:

    Electric bat? I thought you were talking about the current Kamen Rider -_-“

  • Algent says:

    “The only one missing is the female agent who went MIA during the end of first season, and the male agent.”

    The female is dead I think and the male is the one we see in this episode, there is even a flashback.

  • Koroshiya says:

    Yes, the male is confirmed to be Adol, the blonde agent from the 1st season who was with his blonde twin sister. (Same VA too).