xxxHOLiC Kei #08 — Closed Captioned For the Interest Impaired

May 22nd, 2008


Yuuko… you suck.


Oh good, closed captioned raw again. Damn you, Japanese police!

I’ll just put it all on the table, I despise this story. Yeah, the girl comes off as a little self-centered, but come on… she didn’t realize that she was a ghost, and came to Yuuko for help. Instead of helping her, Yuuko twisted her words and then harassed both the ghost and the family until they were all scared completely witless. Remind me what the moral of this story is supposed to be? Yuuko occasionally enjoys being a grade A expletive deleted? Watanuki and the crew don’t even really do anything but hang around and wonder what’s going on either until the big reveal, at which point all the previous verification that the ghost was a human is shockingly revealed to have just been smokescreen. We did get to see more of Doumeki’s grandfather, Haruka, but he’s not exactly the most interesting or dynamic character around. Nighttime visits between an old man that looks like Doumeki also provide plenty more fuel for the slash fiction fires, if you catch my drift. Yuuko did have some pretty crazy costumes this week, even for her.

Bleh. That plus the closed captions (hooray again!) removed my will to summarize this one. You’re not missing much of anything anyway. Even among the xxxHOLiC stories, this one really has absolutely nothing to do with anything and is basically just Yuuko harassing some poor girl. Next week is more Kohane, which I’m pretty sure is out of order. It does look like they’re shooting to get through all of her stuff along with Typhoid Mary Himawari’s, which would take them very close to where the manga is now, though next week is skipping forward quite a bit. Assumably we’ll rewind after that to deal with the Himawari stuff… or perhaps they’re saving her for the season finale. Oh well, more Kohane next week at any rate.


Sad, injured girl is sad. And injured.

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  • Avisch says:

    I hated this story too. More than most of the others I hated. There’s was no point to this one. xxxholic apparently just needs to be “poor-problematic woman/girl of the week” this was just as bad (almost worse) as the “Evil wings” story….that also had no moral.

    If there was a moral it would be: “Figure out that you’ve died”

    Next episode preview indicates that they are speeding up the story…or atleast moving events around.

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