Vampire Knight #07 — Flashback! What a Feeling!

May 19th, 2008


80s movie reference too obscure?


I’ve got places to go and people to bludgeon with a cod, so it’s another round of "Watch Stuff on NicoNico!"

Good lord. This episode was 99% flashback, bouncing around between Yuuki, Kaname, and Zero. I apologize if my tenses in the summary got a bit confused because I was a bit confused. About the only way to tell how old people were in some cases was by the length of Yuuki’s hair. I am a bit surprised that Kaname’s aged so much in the few years that he’s been around. I was under the impression that the vampires were more or less immortal, but he was definitely significantly younger when he was first chilling with Yuuki.

I really liked the parallelism at the end between Zero and Kaname and the blanket on Yuuki. It’s a damn shame that Yuuki thought the present-day blanket was Kaname because I still hate him for being the arrogant vaguely pedophillic (and definitely inces… *ahem*) vampire that he is. Not too much else happened this episode outside of Kaname getting a little more development and more clues that Yuuki’s got some kind of crazy secret from her childhood that’s currently forgotten. Whatever could that be? Amnesia is such a convenient plot device. I look forward to every instance of it in the same way that I look forward to terminal a root canal. Oh well, at least I already know what she’s forgotten.

Zero practices at the shooting range while Yuuki watches. She remembers that Kaname is wise to their little incestuous trickery.  Zero’s worried about her, but Yuuki says that she’s fine. Zero takes aim and shoots down the target by putting a series of bullets through the throat.

They Zero brings up Kaname. It wouldn’t be a problem if Kaname or someone else drank her blood, and of course he knows about her infatuation with him, but she yells that it has nothing to do with him and runs off. Zero takes aim and fires.

Yuuki’s run back to her room and collapses on the couch thinking about Kaname and what he means to her. She starts dreaming, seeing herself standing on a web of blood. A little girl spins around her, telling her how scared she is while a woman’s voice tells her to wake up.

Yuuki opens her eyes to see her father in front of her… and a flan. She pokes at it. There’s another man there, Kaname, who takes the flan and feeds it to her. This is the past, when she first met Kaname and realized that he was a vampire. Her memories were completely gone from the shock. Yuuki reached for his face when she saw the fangs and then recoiled in shock. FLAN EVERYWHERE.

Kaname excuses himself and apologizes for scaring her, then leaves.

Later, the headmaster talks as Yuuki stares out the window, explaining why he named her as she did. I wasn’t paying attention to him either. He tells her to not be scared.

Time passes, he brings her foodstuffs, to try to cheer her up, but she just keeps staring out the window at the snowcovered ground.

Some time later, Kaname and the headmaster are talking about something. Yuuki peeks in, but then runs off.

The headmaster goes to her room shortly after and calls Kaname in. Yuuki’s half naked and hiding under a blanket like a snail. Apparently she’s having issues dressing herself. Kaname loses it and starts laughing at her. He apologizes and leaves to go home. Yuuki perks up and grabs his coat, saying his name for the first time.

Yuuki’s out in the snow waiting for Kaname to visit. She jumps into his arms, calling him Kaname-sama, saying that this is the ‘birthday’ of when he saved her. She congratulates him and he congratulates her in kind and the two hug.

More time passes. Yuuki’s older, middle school probably. She asks about Kaname and vampires. They’re still a secret from the world and need to remain that way. He’s not the same as the scary vampires and smiles.

More dream-running through town. Yuuki’s younger again and looking for Kaname in town. She finds a ‘scary’ vampire, but Kaname appears behind her and the vampire bows to him. Kaname apologizes for her being scared, and she tells him that she’ll never be scared with him around.

However, the woman’s voice says, the unforgiveable happened. Zero showed up, his family slaughtered. Thoughts of the slaughter flash through Yuuki’s mind as she sees Zero try to claw out his throat.

Zero puts down his gun and touches the tattoo on his neck.

His flashback starts where Yuuki’s left off. Yuuki grabs his hand and stops him from clawing at his throat. He can still feel the stench of that woman on him. Yuuki knows its sad that his family is gone, but it’s okay now. She’ll look out for him.

Yuuki has someone that she wants Zero to meet. Kaname-sama. She pulls him into the room and Zero immediately becomes distressed. He can see the dark energy pouring off Kaname. He grabs a kitchen knife and rushes Kaname, managing to stab him in the arm. Kaname tells him that he’s being cruel. Zero says that Kaname’s the same as that woman.

Kaname says that Zero’s wrong, he’s not the same. He didn’t kill anybody like that and pulls out the knife, completely bloodless.


Later, Zero’s moping in his room. Yuuki tries to comfort him. She reaches out, but he slaps her hand away for being with that vampire. She tries to tell him that Kaname is a kind vampire and saved her from a scary one. Zero just says that they’re all the same.

Some time later… AGAIN… the headmaster explains about the night class to Yuuki and Zero… and how they’re all vampires. Zero is pissed, but Kaname wants to prove that they can work together. Zero’s pissed again and tries to talk the headmaster out of it, but he says that Kaname is going to be taking charge and responsibility of the night class.

Back in the present, Zero slams his hand on the wall and knows that it’s not Kaname that he’s pissed off at.

Kaname was lurking just outside and walks away. TIME FOR HIS FLASHBACK.

Well, at least it was a short one of Kaname just saying that he’d be the BMOC.

Yuuki wonders again what exactly a vampire is. She touches her throat.

Back to one of the first days of them with the night class. Zero/Yuuki lurk around the grounds. He warns her to not go near them, but she goes to their dorm alone anyway. She knocks on the door, and a man answers. She’s surprised, but he realizes that she must be Yuuki. Unfortunately, Kaname’s out, but he reassures her that Kaname talks about her all the time. He shoos her out.

After only a minute or two, she lets herself back in to wait on the stairs for Kaname. A few of the vampires walk by. She bows to them, but they wonder why a human is here. They sort of ignore her, saying that she’d never do anything to hurt Kaname. Yuuki wonders if that vampire woman likes Kaname.

BACK TO KANAME FLASHBACKS. Yuuki’s now asleep on the stairs. One of the vampires reaches for her (not really sure if to wake her or eat her though, preferably the former), but Kaname stops him and sends him on his way. He puts a jacket on Yuuki… but they stares at her neck. He goes to bite it, but stops and picks her up.

Yuuki wakes up in bed with Kaname’s jacket. The door’s open, so she looks out. She sees Kaname with the woman vampire… he’s feeding on her. She passes out in rapture and Yuuki runs off. Kaname wanted her to see that.

A scary vampire, the voices tell her. Kaname isn’t like that. It’s just a bad dream!

Zero’s come to pick Yuuki up from the night dorms. He warns her again to be careful. Kaname is the same as the other vampires. That’s not true, Yuuki says for around the seventy fifth time of the series, he saved her. Zero holds Yuuki’s hand tight.

Yuuki thanks the vampires for their hospitality as she leaves. Now she understood about the vampires.

Zero walks in on the dreaming Yuuki. He pulls a blanket over her. She says "Kaname-sama" out loud, surprising Zero. He reaches for his neck as his eyes flash red. Kaname’s standing in the doorway and says that he needs Zero for a minute. The two leave. Yuuki wakes up to see Kaname walk out the doorway… and thinks that the blanket was from him.

Outside, Kaname and Zero discuss the situation. He warns her about using Yuuki as food and disturbing the peace. Zero is alive right now only because Kaname is allowing him to be.

Yuuki hugs the blanket close, thinking about Kaname.

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