Vampire Knight #05 — Happy Birthday!

May 5th, 2008


Mmmmm delicious fingers.


Not a bad episode, though it’s starting to feel more and more like I could just skip everything but the first two minutes and the last two minutes and catch 95% of the plot. We get introduced to the vampire hunter/teacher for the day class, Yagari, but so far, he’s pretty generic and boring. At least they’re making fun of that a little bit, which makes it slightly more palatable, but would it really kill the show to have a character that doesn’t brood? Maybe that’s why I like Aidou so much. He’s about the only one that I would be surprised to find sitting in a corner writing poetry about how cruel the world is.

Otherwise… eh… lots of talking again this episode without actually going much of anywhere. More RARR RARR LEVEL E ARE BERSERK VAMPIRES and RARR RARR KANAME IS SO PRETTY AND AWESOME AND TOTALLY NOT A 500 YEAR OLD STALKER WITH A FETISH FOR 15 YEAR OLD GIRLS. Seriously Kaname, I do know where this is leading, but come on… do try to behave a bit less like a somewhat pedophillic stalker. Especially while you’ve got your little toy’s boyfriend around, not to mention a bunch of possessive angry powerful vampire women standing less than 15 feet away. I think the death wish goes with being a vampire.

A man with a cigarette walks through the city.

Yuki and Zero perform a ceremony with the Headmaster that vampire hunters use to control them. Zero doesn’t want to kill, Yuuki wants to protect him. Yuuki is given a bracelet and then Zero’s blood is put on it. When the bracelet touches Zero’s tatoo, he’s pinned to the ground with red knives.

The Headmaster explains that it doesn’t hurt him, just restrains him so he can be around the day class still. Of course, Zero could always drink his daddy’s blood if he needed. -SOMEBODY- gets clobbered for hitting on his adopted son and Zero stomps off.

As the Headmaster lies beaten, he tells Yuuki that he didn’t get to let Zero know that -that man- is back.

The cigarette man stands outside the school with a rifle on his back.

Yuuki trots around the grounds while prepping for night patrol. Nice, a flashback to 3 minutes ago. She looks up at Kaname and is happy that he forgave Zero and let him stay in the day class. She touches her neck and thinks about him saying that Yuuki was precious, but then shakes it off and thinks about protecting Zero again. She hops off the ledge and gets to work. Kaname watches her go.

In the morning, Yuuki and her friend run to class just as the bell rings. They’ve got a new teacher today, it’s cigarette man, complete with eyepatch and everything. He introduces himself as Yagari. Yuuki looks up at Zero, who is in slackjawed shock. The class starts peppering him with stupid questions, does he have a girlfriend? Etc.

After they calm down, one asks about his lovely eyepatch, but before he answers, Zero storms out. Yuuki chases after him. Yagari tells the class that it’s a secret.

The Headmaster is waiting for Zero and Yuuki at the gate.

The two go into town in casualwear. They’ve been sent shopping. Yuuki runs around like a girl who just got ahold of daddy’s credit card while Zero carts crap around. She thinks to herself that Zero’s still Zero.

Next stop, ice cream. Yuuki scarfs down a huge parfait, but Zero just makes snide comments. Yuuki asks him about the new teacher. It seemed like he recognized the guy. Zero starts to explain, but one of the waitresses comes up. She thinks that Zero must be from the Night Class and starts fangirling over them.

Zero gets ticked and excuses himself, disgusted that he gives off the same aura as them. Once outside, he senses something strange and runs off. Yuuki comes out, but he’s already gone. She sees the abandoned crap he was carrying and goes off looking for him.

She runs around the city looking for him. She manages to tear her jacket on some rusty metal. TETANUS! GET YOUR SHOTS. From above, a vampire grins and then drops down behind her. Yuuki manages to pull out her staff at the last second and block it. It grins and hisses, then leaps away. It tells her that it’ll have her blood and rushes to attack.

A hand reaches from behind Yuuki and grabs her staff. Zero swings it and clubs the vampire in the face. Yuuki collapses, recognizing it as a level E. Zero puts himself between her and it as it attacks, but there’s suddenly a slash and the vampire is cut in half. It explodes in a shower of dust.

Two vampires from the Night Class are there. They tell Yuuki that they had heard there was a level E and came to deal with it, then leave. Yuuki thinks again that this type is so different from the other vampires.

At night, Zero is waiting for Yuuki at the Night Class dorms. He knew she’d come… and he’s going with her. He holds up his gun, and she tells him that he’s not allowed to pick a fight. Zero corrects her and hands the gun to her, saying it’s to stop him. Yuuki could never kill Zero though. Zero reminds her that he could become a level E and attack. He wants her to be the one to kill her. She understands, but she’ll never give up on him and wants him to promise to never give up either.

They walk together towards the dorms. A pair of vampires leap out, but Yuuki and Zero are prepared and immediately have their weapons out. It’s just Aidou and Kain. They officially welcome the two to the Night Class dorms.

Candles light up to mark the path. All the vampires watch the pair walk along. They’re being rather public about their vampireness which is putting the guardians at something less than ease, but making the vampires nervous as well.

However, it’s all just a birthday party for one of them. He thinks they’re here to celebrate it.

Yuuki wants answers about what level E vampires are. Aidou dismisses them as not the same thing as them, and birthday boy explains that they’re vampires that had been turned from humans who have eventually lost themselves to the bloodlust. The End Level, Level E. Of course, Noble vampires like them will never succumb and usually control them, but sometimes turned humans manage to break free, or control lapses, and they go berserk like that.

Kaname butts in and says that he’s the one that sent them out to handle the danger.

He tells Yuuki and Zero to go with him inside. He has Yuuki sit next to him and then hugs her shoulder. He apologizes that she got drawn into that, but thinks that she’s partially to blame too for going looking for trouble. Such things are supposed to be the domain of vampire hunters MEANINGFUL LOOK AT ZERO.

The bandages fall off from her arm as he holds it up, but Zero stops him. Kaname leans down and kisses his wound, wonder if maybe she doesn’t actually care about Zero… just pities him.

Zero pulls his gun, but Seiran has her fingers at Zero’s throat at the same time. Kaname tells Seiran to ease up, he’s the one at fault here. Seiran and Zero both relax.

Aidou and the rest are pissed off that Zero’d dare be so insolent to Kaname and wonders why he puts up with it. Yuuki remembers that that Kaname is a pureblood. That’s right… the same as the one that slaughtered Zero’s family. Kaname asks if Yuuki’s scared. She admits that she’s not… but… Birthday boy interrupts and says that’s enough excitement for the special birthday guests.

Yagari looks at a photo of Yuuki and Zero. He heard the rumor about a level E vampire that was killed in the town by the vampire. The chairman plays dumb. Of course they would never leave. Yagari gets cranky and says that killing vampires is the job of vampire hunters. The chairman mocks his rough and tumble speaking.

The vampires enjoy the party and eachothers’ company. Om nom nom delicious finger… CHOMP. Yuuki just looks around like an insecure waif. She thinks about how she’s always been a little scared of Kaname. Silly little moth Yuuki.

Whose-his-face accidentally slices Ichijou’s finger with the cake knife, then licks up the blood. Zero rushes off. Yuuki follows. Aidou tries to stop her, but she easily shakes him off.

As he runs, Zero’s tattoo glows and his body is becoming hotter. He throws off his jacket and his breathing becomes more labored.

Aidou thinks to himself that there is no substitute for blood as they drink some of the tablet wine. However… one says… it takes awhile for the body to adjust from blood to the substitute.

Zero collapses. Yuuki finds him and from the spilled tablets, realizes something’s wrong. Zero takes her shoulders and says that he can’t bear it. His eyes flash red and Yuuki realizes that Zero’s going vampiric again. He convulses and hugs her. Tight. Too tight. As he licks her neck, she tries to think of what to do. He gets ready to bite, but she pushes off and throws them into the water. Zero comes to his senses as they float downward. T

hey come up out of the water. Yuuki smiles at him, but a gun appears next to her face and shoots Zero. It’s Yagari, who declares Zero to be a detestable vampire. Clutching his wounded arm, Zero stares defiance.

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  • Dan says:

    I wonder if Zero will be a challenge to Kaname if not now in the future…

  • Yuki says:

    is a Wonderful Capter *-*
    Zero and kaname are Handsome, but kaname is more beauttiful, interesting and polite than Zero
    Kaname is a Wonderful Vampire

  • Yuuki says:


  • Bluecitrin says:

    >__> I hate Kaname. He is a snake! He is too proud and sure of himself!

    Zero is the coolest person in whole Vampire Knight and he is also the main person. Not at least he is called Knight by Kaname!!!

    Sorry for my English I am German ^^°

  • Alice says:


  • Sam says:

    its shiki! not whose-his-face!
    Shiki and rima go so well together, lol :)

  • Sakura says:

    Yagari-sensei is the coolest vampire hunter ever :D