They Are My Noble Masters #11 — Traps, Kai, Nice Boats, and Cosplay

March 15th, 2008


Kai? What are you doing here?


Alright, I have to admit that Ren being so embarrassed by trap-boy stripping that he had to leave was the hardest I’ve laughed at KimiAru in weeks. Then Venis kicked him in the junk, reducing his LP to 0 and Ren was attacked by a paper airplane. It was an excellent start full of laughs that the show has been lacking as of late. Then Kai from Kimikiss showed up… complete with his sax. Strangely enough, the first half of the episode was about trap-boy having a crush on Venis and asking the others for advice and then continuing on his quest to confess to her.

The second half is them all at a very drunk flower viewing party. Ageha can really put away her… ‘liquor.’ Miyu even "Zetsubou shita"d at one point over being given advice by a robot. Then there’s random entertainment for awhile. DeNiro tried to sing, causing eye and ear bleeding… and then Miyu and Shinra did a comedy act, complete with Shinra panty flashes and cosplay… including Saber and Rin. Ageha then took over and beat a giant metal pillar into a sculpture of Koujuro…. and then destroyed it in one kick. She then juggled him on an umbrella. If you’re expecting this episode to make sense, you’ve stumbled into the wrong place. Thieves then stole their food and everybody beat the living hell out of them. I pity the one that ran into the Colonel. He took the poor guy and ran into the bathroom with him for punishment while NES music played. It was disturbing on at least three or four levels. The very end, as they all talked about going home, Ren and Mihato had a touching talk about how this really is their new home now… and then we see a shot of evil laughing man looking at pictures of Ren. Surely can’t be his father or anything. :shifty eyes:

Anyway, this was a very hilarious episode. It’s like I stepped into a strange alternate dimension where Zetsubou Sensei is boring and KimiAru is full of Nice Boats, and other shows. It definitely didn’t feel anything like normal KimiAru and was so far from the recent melodrama as to be another show entirely. Anyway, this episode was excellent. I’m sure we’ll be back to the melodrama to end the series, but this one was nonstop fun and laughs. I’m sure I missed a few references here and there, but they even managed to toss a Nice Boat in there. Rock on, KimiAru.


Ren and Mihato’s abusive father finally finds them.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Sniper says:

    A week from tomorrow will pass There was a new anime that came out on Friday, i think. Anyways it was funny episode with all the kimkiss reference. Still lauging at Kai playing his jazz music.

  • Rainy says:

    Kimikiss, Zetsubo sensei, Rozen maiden, Fate stay night, and some more. Yeah, it really got me laughing. And the photographer guy is actually from Higurashi.