They Are My Noble Masters #10 — Nothing More Than Feelings

March 8th, 2008


You’re a joke, Yume. Deal with it.


Talk about anti-climactic. After a few minutes of whining, complaining and then fantasizing about Shinra, Yume calls her out… and gets hugged and becomes happy again before we move on to the Kuonji parental issues and depression sets right back in. Yume runs off and Shinra basically says "let her do as she pleases." Ren gives a big speech about how important family is and whatnot until Miyu sends him off. Natose pretty much immediately finds Yume at a restaurant and everything is explained, people are happy, Natose gets fed and then explains her own tragic past… everybody wins. Except for us. At the mansion, Shinra is spazzing out. Yume remembers back to their parents’ funeral and how she ran away from Shinra because Shinra wasn’t crying. Everybody goes home, Yume gets slapped by Shinra then they make up and they’re happy.

Bleh. Maudlin drama is not what I want from this series. I want Mihato’s hidden secrets. I want the Colonel whipping Ren around. I want panda cubs crawling all over Shinra a tour de force of comedy. What I do not want is 20 minutes of the characters sitting around and discussing their feelings. I don’t even expect that from Kimikiss, let alone a show with a robot egg that attempts to copulate with toasters. Sigh… hopefully the remaining episodes won’t also be in this vein because this was seriously boring and overly contrived. Fortunately, the preview for next week has me hopeful for more comedy and less whiny drama.


Comedy in my butler drama? Thank Zeus.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Gil says:

    Yume has bad taste in shoes.

    It doesn’t go with her “fashionable” clothes.