They Are My Noble Masters #09 — Loli Upkeep 101

March 1st, 2008


Remember, take it in for an oil change every 3,000 miles.


Actually kind of a nice episode, although another without any real semblance of comedy for the most part. I think the first actual joke came at nine minutes in… after Miyu made Ren crawl into bed with her and Mihato and had a heart to heart about dreams and making Mihato happy, she fell asleep on his arm and he prodded her in the chest to try to get her to move. If the screencaps didn’t clue you in, this was a Miyu episode through and through, but concentrating more on how mature she is compared to the rest. Her egg-creature (I’ve already forgotten its name) and its attempted ‘love’ of other technology was vaguely amusing, but then we quickly passed back into "bwa bwa isn’t Miyu’s life so lonely and hard." Yume was also whining in the background about how underappreciated she was even though Miyu tried to help her and later played video games with her.

Miyu also likely figured out about Ren and Mihato’s father issues when she and Ren watched an interview with Shinra where she talked about the Kuonji father. Shinra thought that Miyu is just being rebellious, so we got a couple unneccessarily long daydream sequences about Miyu being a punk and/or a rock star. Anyway, Ren talks some sense into Shinra, everybody kisses and makes up… except for Yume who is out in the cold and ends the episode sobbing into Natose’s chest.

I really hope they do not go that direction at the end here. Yume was a joke character at the start… the Dororo of KimiAru. If they really try to make us empathize with something they were mocking a month ago, then… I don’t even know… I’ll probably just be really bitchy. What ever happened to the constant slapstick in this series anyway? I miss that. That’s what I liked about KimiAru. I’m not sure I have too much more to say. A large chunk of the episode were montages of Miyu’s daily life plus her and Ren blathering on about their own dreams. What’s to say about that? Oh wait… "I miss the baby pandas." Miyu also looked like she was being attacked by an interstellar weapon when they decided to use bright light to censor her.


More Yume than you can shake a sharp stick at.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • *sigh* says:

    Why is there still idiots calling that girl loli? She’s not even loli age-wise or body-wise (too old, too tall, too busty), I just don’t get it.

  • D_v_K says:

    The egg is called De Niro.