Shigofumi #11 — Bang Bang, I Shot Her Down

March 16th, 2008


Sorry Totali, Fumi uses ‘watashi.’


Fumi woke up, hugs all around. Chiaki and Mika realized it, but says that it means that one would die since they’re the same. Luckily, Fumi’s memory was totally gone. Chiaki visits them and lets the others know what’s up. At night, Mika tries to visit Fumi, but she’s gone to eat at Natsuka’s house. Chiaki and the others are trying to keep Fumi and Mika apart for now. Fumi ended up playing with a Wii… no really… while the friends coordinated stuff. Chiaki went to visit some kind of crazy hookah smoking witch for advice while Fumi spent the night.

The next day, they looked through the class yearbook and tried to job Fumi’s memory. Kaname seemed especially depressed, but asked her about when he first met her. She was cornered by a dog and ended up chasing it off before he could go rescue her. She doesn’t remember a thing though.

Mika keeps delivering letters… and then wants to search out Fumi again. Irritating staff tries to talk her out of it, but doesn’t succeed. At Natsuka’s, Fumi finds one of Kirameki’s books and her memories come pouring back. She realizes that she shot her father in horror.

Fumi runs away from the house, crying out for Mika. She’s waiting for Fumi at the top of some stairs. Fumi hugs her, but Mika then confesses that she’s the one that shot their father, not Fumi. Mika hands Fumi the pistol and tells her to not be afraid. A shot rings out. Natsuka runs up to… just Fumi. She hides the gun behind her back.

Some time later, Fumi declares that she’ll settle things with Kirameki. At a resort somewhere, a sparkling woman enjoys herself.

Not a particularly interesting episode at the start. Fumi was just too much of a blank slate and had absolutely no personality. Hooray for amnesia. And by "hooray," I mean that I’d be happy if nobody ever used it as a lazy plot device ever again. I also found Kanaka’s attempts to garner sympathy pathetic at best. You’re an inanimate staff. You’re supposed to say things like "Yes, Master" and "Starlight Breaker, Let’s Shoot It." Don’t give me drivel about how much you like your partner. Assumably the woman at the end is Kirei, Fumika’s mother… and yes, like Kirameki, her name is a pun. I’m a little displeased that they keep throwing in new characters this late in the show, but hopefully it’ll work out. I don’t think that Mika is actually dead anyway. If they wanted to show a slouching body… maybe. Instead, they showed a panoramic view of the city and then a gunshot. Of course, I also expect the show to end on Fumika (well, Fumi or Mika) sending a letter to the other or perhaps to her friends. We’ll find out next week.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • totali says:

    Fumi was pretty cute in the beginning…..but her psycho personality just wasn’t the type I usually like…probably cause she shot boku… =(

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  • hookah says:

    Fumi is hot. i like the story line