Shigofumi #10 — Bird Flu

March 8th, 2008


Stop touching that! It’s dirty!


I hope that I wasn’t the only one freaking out about the little girl poking the dead bird. You’ll get some kind of horrible disease! It’s a freakin’ dead bird! No, this is not a game! It’s probably been in some dog’s mouth! Stop poking it!! Ewwwwww dead birds…

Anyway, aside from that little personal taboo, this was the touching story about a little girl… unfortunately named Fumika to also contribute to the naming confusion of this show… and Takehito’s babysitting adventure. I found the movie scene unintentionally hilarious. The Dragonman was on lifesupport and that reminded him of his own troubles. When a costumed superhero reminds you of your loved ones, it’s time to call it in.

We finally connect to the Shigofumi world at the police station when Fumika (the normal one) delivers a letter to a police woman and she breaks down in tears of happiness. Little Fumika gets cranky until its explained that it’s a ‘good’ letter. Fumika Sr visits Fumi in the hospital with her friends again and Takehito’s crappy day continues when his car breaks down and they decide to reminisce in the middle of the road. Surprisingly (to nobody), a truck eventually drives down the road. Takehito saves her, but ends up hit and killed.

At his funeral, Fumika Jr pokes at Takehito as she did the dead bird earlier… but then pulls out her game system as usual until Fumika Sr delivers a letter. Well… a drawing. Fumika Jr asks if Takehito is dead and finally understands… and turns off her game system. 

In her hospital room, Fumi wakes up.

Like a couple of the earlier episodes, it was a little bit too farfetched for me to really connect with some of the goings on. Punks in the movie parking lot picked on a guy with a small girl… and then the cops arrested him. The assumptions made by every character at each step here basically just crazy. A lot of it was meant to be a parallel between Takehito’s world of disappointment and failure and Fumika Jr’s world of optimism and blah blah blah, but it lost any edge it may have had for being really predictible at just about every turn… aside from the random leaps of logic in other people. I did like the parallel between Takehito and the bird though. It really did drive home the point that childish innocence doesn’t understand death. Her finally turning off the game system at the end was a nice touch.

Oh yeah, and the whole Fumi waking up thing for next week. Cooooould be interesting. ^^


Lots of Fumi, no Mika… could the boku be gone?

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