Rental Magica #23 — Surprise! He’s Evil!

March 16th, 2008


What a twist!


Nekoyashiki explains to the girls everything about Itsuki’s eye, the sealing and whatnot. Then he multiplied his cats. The swarm of yowling and meows was a cacophony of pain. Finn talked to a bunch of shadowy people in generic uncertain terms. Addie then tracked down Finn for some more exposition. Talk about an uninteresting start. Addie and Finn finally throw down. Finn’s got game at least, though Addie did do a good job of dodging his attacks on her own, even though she couldn’t even get past the basic Celtic Hail spell. Finn eventually nailed her and she fell to the ground below. Forneus caught her just above the ground, but Finn dispelled it shortly thereafter.

Itsuki and Sekiren were there to confront Finn and he revealed that Honami’s been using her blood to cast a spell around town. Sekiren and Addie try to tagteam Fin, but he dodges and Hail’s Sekiren from point blank, knocking him out. Finn reveals that he’s a changeling and his own eyes have a different kind of Gram Sight that can see a person’s heart.

Honami passes out from blood loss as she finishes the last sigil which means… MORE EXPOSITION. Good lord is there a lot of that this episode. Addie gives her own speech about how important Itsuki is, yada yada… how Honami agrees, blah blah. Finally, the cavalry arrive, and it’s longcat. You think I’m joking. A bunch of elongated cats wrap around the good guys. Finn attacks them and pulls Itsuki out but Addie and Sekiren are pulled away. The little dragon on Itsuki growls at Finn.

Yet more exposition about what a changeling is and Finn’s Gram Sight from the good guys. Honami has met up with Finn and is severely bleeding as they take an elevator up to the focal point. As Finn and Honami set Itsuki up, more exposition from the good guys. We got to see the old flashback to Itsuki getting his eye again, but this time, he could see a long redhaired girl who asked him who she was. Present time Itsuki tells her that she’s a dragon. Loli Honami interrupts the flashback and it continues as normal with grownup Itsuki watching over it as a ghost and then we get to see the whole damn thing again in fast motion before it continues as normal.

Honami and Finn start the magical ceremony to get rid of the dragon.

Well that was a surprise to nobody. This was kind of a weird episode in that there was a lot of relatively interesting stuff going on, but it was all told in such a boring fashion… and then we got to see the flashback to Itsuki and Honami’s mansion adventure for about the 6th time in the series. So, kind of a crappy way to start the episode and a budget saving way to end the episode. Meh. Hopefully it was just setup and budget saving for a big finale, but honestly, this was kind of a letdown. Soooooo much exposition and it wasn’t even spaced well with varied shots of people or the like. There were a couple short nice action scenes, but the other 21 minutes were just tiresome.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • choco says:

    Time to restart watching Rental Magica! woohoo!

  • Tensho says:

    He’s evil. That’s no surprise. People who always smiles with their eyes closed and talking politely are signs of no goodie.

  • frog212 says:

    OMG Itsuki had a normal looking red eye when he was young!