Rental Magica #22 — Boys Covered in Cream

March 9th, 2008


Because what Itsuki lacked was the touch of another man.


Oops, that summary went on a bit longer than I meant it to. Let’s just bump that downwards then. As you might surmise, this was a rather expositionally packed episode. Itsuki’s eye is finally explained and after 21 episodes, we finally get to meet our final boss a totally innocent mage that would never even think of doing any harm to Itsuki. Yeah, so… I knew Finn was bad news even without the OP driving that home, but come on… why even bother playing around if you’re going to spoil things 20 episodes before a character appears? The episode could probably have used a little more action and a little less exposition, but hopefully they were just saving that up for next week. I also find Itsuki’s new giant prayer bead based eyepatch rather fetching. I can only imagine how comfortable that must be.

Oh, and Addie was totally throwing herself all over Itsuki in the first 5 minutes. The moment he went horizontal, she climbed on top of him. Damn, girl. Where’s that British modesty? You were in public. Then again, maybe she’s an exhibitionist and wanted Finn to watch. That’s a disturbing thought in and of itself. I should probably stop before I start drawing comparisons to Finn getting cream all over his face and then stroking Itsuki. That can lead nowhere good at all. The important thing… it didn’t suck anywhere near as much as last week’s debacle. Thank the stars.

Short Summary:

Itsuki and Addie are out on a date… or at least, Itsuki is paying for Addie to shovel noodles down her gullet. I think that qualifies her as a prostitute in some countries, or at the very least, a porn star. They wander to a park and talk about Astral, Honami, the future, etc etc until Addie literally gets on top of Itsuki. Definitely a prostitute. Their activities are interrupted by the evil mage from the op some totally innocent kid in a tree with a cat… he’s Finn Cruda, a powerful mage and Honami’s senior who also wants to revive Celtic magic… and the cat is Nekoyashiki’s Kanshou. They take him back to Astral where Itsuki seduces his new boy toy with cream puffs.

He eventually gets down to business and basically tells them that Itsuki is a taboo and needs to be dealt with. I’m sure he’s trustworthy and not just trying to find a way to sacrifice Itsuki for some malevolent plan or anything. While Honami explains her past with Finn to the others, Itsuki and Finn talk about the Gram Sight. Finn takes the chance to feel up Itsuki… but the seduce doesn’t last as Itsuki’s vision blurs and excuses himself before he collapses.

Honami shows up and it’s her turn to chat with Finn about the Gram Sight. He lets on that he knows a bit more than he probably should while Itsuki’s condition gets worse and he passes out. It somehow becomes dark during this 3 minute conversation and Honami reveals that the eye is the egg of a dragon. Itsuki collapses as a voice says it found him and smoke turns into a dragon.

At Rental Magica HQ, Nekoyashiki is throwing up barriers, but they can’t contact Honami or Itsuki. 

Sekiren comes to Itsuki’s aid and knocks the smoke dragon back. It turns into a smoke… beast… next and Sekiren takes it down. Sekiren realizes there’s something wrong with Itsuki’s eye, pulls off the patch and puts hisbeads over it and seals it himself… then binds it in place. All the city is frozen except for the mages (well, at least Daphne and Addie). Addie realizes that Itsuki’s probably in trouble and runs off.

Sekiren explains about the dragon and whatnot to Itsuki… and he realizes that Finn was the one that caused this. Speak of the devil, he’s floating evilly above the town. WHAT A SHOCK.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Furuba says:

    omg so that boy comes into this ep… finally xD was wondering when he was coming from the OP. how many eps is this series gonna be anyway Oo;;…

  • Tensho says:

    Wait, is this the vampire incident that I’ve read somewhere.

  • Ronin8317 says:

    The Vampire is vol 10. They’re animating the Dragon arc, which is vol 5 or so.

  • shadowlancer says:

    no, the famed vampire incident happens much later. this is the dragon incident. The two incident are somewhat related. If it weren’t for the dragon incident they would ve have never solved the vampire incident.

  • Tensho says:

    Oh really, thank.