Kimikiss ~ Pure Rouge #22 — Going Nowhere

March 8th, 2008




Allow me to summarize this episode briefly:

Nothing happens.
Nothing happens.
Nothing happens.
Nothing happens.
It’s over. Everybody looks pissed.

The problem with Kimikiss right now is that there are two episodes left, and there’s not a single sensible thing going on at the moment. Kazuki and Futami are pretty much set aside from Futami overcoming her little guilt trip that has been festing for all of a single episode… and this Mao/Kouichi thing is just terrible. Either he throws away Yumi after spending 75% of the show chasing her, or he throws away Mao, making the other 25% more or less a waste. Neither Mao nor Yumi have the spine to kick Kouichi in the balls and tell him to be a man about it, so I can only imagine that the next two episodes are going to be him still moping around until finally coming to some kind of decision that will displease me. There’s just basically nowhere left to go with this little love triangle. Two of them have already been dating and the third realized and subsequently confessed her love weeks ago.

Meh. I’ll just get more annoyed if I keep talking. Nothing of import happened this episode anyway. I get the feeling this whole series is being spread out to just fill time until they can end it… and from what I’ve ready about upcoming episodes… that’s probably right. I miss the days when things happened and you were dynamic, Kimikiss.

Mao’s alarm rings and she reaches for it… but it’s been moved onto one of her packed up boxes. She washes her face and smiles.

The doorbell rings as Futami gets ready to leave. It’s Kazuki, there to walk her to school. As they go, he makes small talk and she grins at him like an idiot. He wants to tour the school fair with her. She blushes and accepts.

Sakino is sadly walking to school as well. She runs into the two lovebirds in front of the gate and runs off. Kazuki thinks she’s acting strangely. Duh, doofus. As she puts her shoes away, she wonders what’s wrong with her.

Mao chats with the nurse about her new residence/paperwork/whatever.

The theater squadron staples their scripts or programs or something… it’s titled True Hearts. They also gossip about Mao. Yumi goes to make more copies.

As soon as she’s gone, Kazuki and Mitsuki get in Kouichi’s face about neglecting his woman and Kouichi runs after her. Once he’s gone, they gossip about him too. Mitsuki has something to say to Kazuki… but Kuryu bursts in to chew out Hiiragi. He throws Kazuki to her and then asks Mitsuki what she wanted to tell Kazuki.

Yumi and Kouichi make small talk while we watch Mao’s class set up their room for the school fair. Kai is a true rennaisance man and brings them flowers and whatnot from his parttime job, pleasing all the girls.

Mao is happy with him too and tells him that she’s ready to start all over, study, go on to more education, etc etc. Kai’s happy, but tells her to not overexert herself.

Sakino falls down and spills… stuffed animals? all over the place. Kazuki runs after her and tells her that she’s been strange lately. She tells him that she just has had stuff on her mind lately and to not worry. Futami eavesdrops around the corner as Kaz tells Sakino that they both need to try their best for the soccer team now. Sakino blushes and Kazuki runs back into the classroom to get bitched out for neglecting his duties. Futami keeps lurking.

Mitsuki enters the udon warehouse as Narumi is testing her new udon on her grandfather. He’s not a fan though. They quickly perk up and return to the fight.

By the river, Sakino juggles the ball by herself, thinking that she does need to try hard.

Mao writes something late at night. It’s 2am, Mao. Go to sleep. She thinks about Kouichi’s smiling face and goes back to work.

The next day, Futami looks out the window at school as people work all around her and then walks off.

Mao demos the waitress/maid uniform for her classmates. She feels a little faint for a moment, but tells them its nothing. She still goes to the nurse’s office, but nobody’s there… well… nobody except a napping Futami. Oh right, they met each other here back in episode 3 or so. Mao chatters about how nice it is and how wonderful certain feelings are. Futami grunts once and that’s about all she wants to contribute to the conversation. Mao keeps going on about how sometimes things don’t work out and her words remind Futami about Sakino and Kazuki.

 Hiiragi puts up posters for True Love with the rest of the theater troupe. This is only the beginning for Hiiragi… well… the others are less thrilled. Hiiragi also sends Kouichi off to go buy some food for them and tells Yumi to go with him.

Kouichi and Yumi come back and party crackers go off. Everybody’s throwing a going-away party for Yumi. Kouichi stands there dumbfounded like an idiot. Even Mao’s there to thank her for their work and vow their eternal friendship etc etc etc. Yumi thanks them all and they dig into the cake.

Futami stargazes from her balcony, thinking about what Mao said to her.

Kazuki’s phone rings. He explains that he’s at Yumi’s party and we’re forced to see the frogs for the first time in probably a month. He asks about Futami, but she doesn’t say anything… and then apologizes and says she’ll see him tomorrow. She then hugs her legs and looks all sad.

Nana wants to know who it was. Hiiragi knows, but isn’t telling. Narumi and Nana get all spazzy about how romantic it is for Kouichi to love her through the transfer etc.

Mao manages to smile too without even looking sad afterwards. Kouichi is still depressed though.

Mao excuses herself for a prior appointment. She apologizes to Yumi and leaves. Kouichi is too depressed to say goodbye, and Yumi notices.

As Kouichi and Yumi walk home together, Kouichi isn’t holding up his end of the small talk. Yumi smiles at him, but Kouichi has something to say to her…  it’s just "I’ll see you tomorrow."

Kouichi arrives home and gets chewed out by his mother. He goes up and pokes around Mao’s room, but it’s been stripped completely bare, except for a Dog of Flandres sitting on the floor. We get to see that flashback for about the fifteenth time in the last four episodes. Present day Kouichi starts crying on the book.


 School fair. Shoot for the goal, Kazuki.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dan says:

    I have noticed this in a lot of anime.

    Look I do not want to say this, because I do not think it is my place to say such tings, but I feel that Japanese anime creators have absolutely no talent story wise.

    Only a handful of anime I have seen comes close for me to consider it having a decent story line.

    I understand that it is for kids to a certain degree, but damn it almost every single anime I watch I notice that story starts sucking a lot either from the start or from the middle of the show.

    Kimi is a perfect example. Started off awsome and then degenerated into a pile of shit.

    By the way I hope that Futami does not break up with Kazuki. They need to have a real kiss by the end of the show as well.

    Also if Mao gets hit by a train that would be the best ending. Or Kouchi. Just for no fucking reasons. Have a train just smack the shit out of one of them.

  • totali says:

    “Guys, we have to make it at least 24 episodes.”

    “Dude, don’t worry about it. Just make something up.”


  • usagijen says:

    talk about stretching an anime just for the heck of it =__=

  • Tensho says:

    What is Kouichi crying about? He should make up his mind. Who does he care about the most? Who does he really love? Or the producer is screwing up.

  • Mikanosa` says:

    May be the producer still confusing about the ending story. Lolz

    Yes, just Tensho said. Kouichi must decide who does really love? Make it clear, does he loves mao like brother and sister, or love beetwen lovers. Genki Kazuki and Futaba.(^^)

  • Taku says:

    Personally I think this episode made and interesting turn of events. I honestly think Asuka still has a chance. GO ASUKA!!