Kimikiss ~ Pure Rouge #21 — Spinning Wheel

March 1st, 2008

Talking ’bout your troubles and you never learn…


Kind of a weird episode for me. Absolutely nothing happened, but I found it still relatively enjoyable. Perhaps because I was somewhat hungry and that makes me especially sarcastic as I write these things. Still, it’s hard to talk about -nothing-, but I’ve got to at least finish this paragraph somehow. Let’s see… Futami and Kazuki both being confident and happy was really nice to see. Now that he’s graduated to the first team defense, he’s on top of the world. I can’t see him giving up on Futami though, so I can only imagine the "just friends" speech is in the future for Sakino. Seriously Sakino… what are you doing in this show? You have made no moves, and it has never crossed Kazuki’s mind even once that you might want to jump his bones. I also have no idea how Kai didn’t have a sugarmomma before Mao showed up. He’s a musician, artist, and the ladies of his class clearly love him. Maybe he really likes bitches.

Morning. Breakfast. Coffee. Kouichi nibbles on his toast.


Mao walks in and they exchange small talk and Mao turns on the TV to drown up Kouichi’s yammering. Kouichi thinks that it’s his fault after all, but Mao tells him that everything’s fine and something she decided on her own.

The Kaz-man walks to school. Futami is waiting for him with a smile at the playground. They walk together. Kazuki tells her about the class’ mini-game park… including how they’ll use a human as a UFO Catcher. Kazuki looks freaky as a human crane. Futami asks if Kazuki will come to her class’ thingy. He happily agrees and she blushes at him.

 Sakino walks to school… but then doubles back to check her hair in a car window. She’s ambushed by the frog brats. They’re not with Kazuki today because Narumi had crap to do. Nana’s carting around ingredients. They’re late and the shrieking blissfully ends as they run off.

Sakino looks over and sees Futami and Kazuki happily walking together. She hides behind the car and looks somewhat aghast.

In class, Kazuki razzes her for showing up after him. He then thanks her for talking to Futami and making peace between them.

 Hiiragi comes in, totally exhausted from his attempts to get the movie accepted for the fair. Kazuki tries to pick him up, telling him to not give up. He tries to get support from Kouichi, but the spineless wonder is in his own world. Kuryu calls the class to attention and shoos Kazuki back to his seat. Yumi watches sad Kouichi from her seat.


Mitsuki is donating scary costumes and clothes for her class. Futami watches their antics from the doorway until she’s ambushed by the frog twins with udon for her to test.

 The rest of the class is confused by the fact that Futami seems to have friends… and is eating udon. Mitsuki gets pulled into the taste test as well. She thinks its delicious… Futami is… weird, but she says that it might also be delicious. The frog girls practically orgasm at her praise.

Mao’s class sews what look like nun habits. They get distracted by Kai’s awesome poster. All the girls fawn over him while Mao just smiles from a distance.

Kouichi’s class is working on their crap.

Hiiragi is still doing theater stuff and gets put into a headlock by Kuryuu for it. Kouichi is still distracted and gloomy. WHAT A BLOODY SURPRISE. Kazuki bugs him until Kouichi tells him that Mao’s moving out. He and Yumi are shocked. SHOCKED I SAY.

Kazuki thinks she’s moving back to France, but Kouichi says that’s not the case. Before the conversation can go further, the frog brats come running in with the info that Futami thought the udon tasted good. BIG NEWS. Kazuki is actually happy to see them and celebrates with them for some reason.

 At soccer practice, Kazuki is back to his awesome self. Sakino totally misses a pass because she was spacing out. Like a true non-soccer place, she picks the ball up with her hands while going to fetch it. She then gets distracted and wonders why she set Kazuki and Futami back up.

As Kouichi gets ready to leave, Yumi stops him and tries to ask him something but stops. She tries to ask again, but Hiiragi lurks in and begs Kouichi for his help. Yumi laughs at the pair and leaves them to it.

Out in town, Yumi comes upon Mao. Mao’s surprised that she’s not with Kouichi and Yumi explains.

 Yumi tells Mao that she heard she’s moving out. Mao changes the subject quickly back to the school fair. After the fair… Yumi will be transferring. Mao tells her that there’s no way anything would get in the way of Kouichi seeing her, even after Yumi transferred.

At practice, the first team is being named. Sakino and Kazuki both make it. Everybody is happy for Sakino… but surprised by Kazuki. The coach jokes for a moment, but tells him to keep his good practice up. Kazuki looks over to Sakino for praise, but she’s downcast.

At Futami’s lab, she congratulates Kazuki on making the first team.

 He tells her that Sakino is also on it… but… she didn’t seem happy about it. Futami thinks about that.

Kouichi hammers crap like a doofus. Yumi interrupts him and tells him that she has to cancel the date tomorrow.

The next day, Kouichi is bored and watching TV. His mother tells him to go bother Mao or something. Way to be oblivious, mom. Suddenly, there’s a huge crash upstairs.

 Kouichi runs up to find Mao on her ass with a box of crap all over the place. Mao though Kouichi had a date with Yumi, and he tells her that she cancelled it. Mao decides that Kouichi will help her pack then.

As they pack, Mao’s suitcase make us flashback to episode 1 when she arrived… and how dumb Kouichi was to not recognize her. Instead of responding to her teasing, Kouichi just accepts it like a spineless dog.


Mao almost packs away Kouichi’s game system… but then he tells her she can have it.

They keep packing and Mao sees the Dog of Flandres. She tries to give it to Kouichi, but he tells her to keep it. Kouichi tries to tell her that he wants to keep having fun with her and being with her, but Mao looks away and says that he has Yumi now.

Yumi is likewise packing. She stares at a picture of the whole gang together.


Girls looking sad! Oh no!

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • FortMan says:

    I wonder though, if Kai hadn’t been close to Mao like that, would he be able to shine like in this episode at all? Mao is the one who opened him up to other people, IMO.

  • Aroduc says:

    I thought he just hated talking about tests at the start. The teacher and class had no issues teasing him about music in past episodes at any rate.

  • Kaito says:

    “Kazuki”.equals(“Kazumi”) == false;

  • Aroduc says:


    You saw nothing.


    I was hungrier than I thought.

  • Tensho says:

    Well, well, well, we’ll all know about the pairings (if they decide there would be any official pair at the end) in short 3 more episode or long, 4, or 5 more. Hopefully it would all turn out like how we want it. (Kazuki dumps the Futaqueen and somehow Sakino got the price, for instance).

  • Taku says:

    I’ll have to hope for what Tensho says. I hope he dumps ice bitch and goes for Sakino. ASUKA FTW!

  • Mikanosa` says:

    Hmmm, i thnik in this anime i would more expect that kouichi can be still with yumi, there is no right that mao-neechan be so selfish about his self. If she really love kouichi, she should tell kouchi earlier.

    About kazuki and futaba, i hope they can still be together like always. There is something in this anime that make me confused and bother me. Why ladies not confess her feelling earlier, so the don’t have to pick up others reelation.

    Rumors said that kimkiss will be end on 4 more episodes. I hope the ending is like i wish. Hop So

  • Jauken7 says:

    So much Futami hate here. I like Eriko and hope Kazuki stays with her till the end. Is love so shallow that you dump someone at the slightest issue rather than help them overcome it? I think Eriko is lucky to have someone as dedicated as Kazuki who has been persistent and stuck by her all this time… and I think she realizes it now even if she won’t admit it.

    I like Asuka too, but she lost out so it’s time for her to move on. She’ll probably confess anyway, probably even kiss him as she fumbles for words, even though she knows rejection is the most likely outcome. I still would like to see her paired up by series end if for no other reason than to see her be truly happy.

  • iri says:

    ugh, so much of this episode was wasted trying to make mega-bitch Mao-neechan likeable… The writers are clearly pushing hard to make us believe Yuumi feels bad enough about the whole thing that she’ll just hand Youichi off to Mao, like it’s because she “loves him so much, she just wants to see him happy”.


    So. Much. HATE. For Mao-neechan.

    And not much less for thst useless, spineless, indecisive moper Kouichi. Watch him totally accept being passed around like a possession, and slip right in to blissful Mao-love as soon as Yuumi gives him “permission”.