They Are My Noble Masters #08 — It’s Late and This Episode Sucked

February 24th, 2008


I’m usually more subtle, but I’m tired right now.


Koujiro comes back, but Ageha brushes him off and continues trying to sex Ren up. Miyu understands that Ageha’s presence is causing all sorts of conflict and starts trying to fix things. Ageha even demands a goodnight kiss from Ren, and while he does kiss her, he immediately spazzes out and runs off.

They keep training, and Ageha wants another kiss. Ren, starts to, but thinks of all the other girls and changes his mind. Ageha grabs him and kisses anyway. Koujiro sees this, goes berserk and the two get into a fight over her. After the colonel breaks it up, Ageha declares that the two will compete for her… but the winner goes to Ageha, so the Kuonjis etc are not on Ren’s side. First is luggage moving (Ren wins), then attending at a meal (Koujiro wins), then the "Butler Quiz," but Koujiro’s vision is blurring and he’s falling apart. he collapses at the quiz and admits his loss. They figure out that he broke out of the hospital before his wounds healed. Ageha decides to take him back and everything returns to normal at the Kuonjis and Ageha watches over Koujiro at the hospital while thinking about Ren. 

To the surprise of nobody, Ageha’s infatuation with Ren isn’t going to fill up the remainder of the series and this episode was painfully devoid of jokes that didn’t suck. I got a minor chuckle out of chibi-Mihato and Mihato planning to poison Ageha, but that’s really about it. It wasn’t even particularly good for fanservice. You had baby pandas crawling all over Shinra at the start, and the far far more alluring Venis in casualwear sitting with luggage, but nothing else of note. The random chibiness really was about the only thing that really was particularly entertaining about this episode. Bleh. Next! Or rather, I’m exhausted. Good night.


Looks like a taste of Yume.

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  • Totali says:

    Best episode title……ever.