They Are My Noble Masters #07 — Paaaanda!

February 16th, 2008


Now I want a baby panda. And a Shinra.


There’s a tradition here at for Saturdays this season. Every time I finish the four show monstrosities, I crack open a bottle of port, ring a giant gong and announce to myself "god damn it, never again will I do four shows in a day." Then we repeat this ritual the following week. No, this has nothing to do with Kimiaru, I just felt like sharing.

Oh man, Shinra and the pandas was probably the most adorable thing that I’ve seen on the show. I know that I’ve said in the past that I don’t like Kimiaru much when it tries to be serious, but this episode actually pulled off some parts of it pretty decently. The start of the episode with all of Ageha’s bribes was hilarious… especially Miyu’s bribe of young boys. I am on the fence as to whether they suit the little pseudo-loli or not.

Ageha is the star of the episode though, and while it doesn’t really do a great job of developing her, they are doing a pretty good job with Mihato and Ren’s relationship. Obviously Ageha is not going to end up with Ren, but she’s really not that poor of a catalyst for starting off the Uesugi family stuff which I’m guessing will probably be the meat of the concluding arc. We’ll see how next week goes though, since it looks to be somewhat similar to this week… lots of Ageha, another possible kiss for Ren from her, and Koujuro’s return.

Quick Summary:
Ageha decides to visit and invades their mansion… somewhat literally. As it turns out, Koujuro had a bit of an accident during his training when Ageha flashed her panties at him during a flying kick, sending him into a waterfall and so now she’ll be staying with them while he recovers. She brought plenty of presents bribes for everybody, including three baby panda cubs for Shinra and a bag of gold bars for the Colonel. Apparently Miyu’s weakness is young boys. I didn’t have her pegged for a shotacon. Only Mihato and Ren went without presents. Distracted by the pandas, Ren ends up Ageha’s personal manservant for the extent of her stay.

Between shots of people enjoying their bribes, including Yume spilling ice cream on her chest and then just taking off her shirt and continuing… Ageha whips Ren into shape. Burglars lurk outside the mansion too. Ren continued his usual antics of walking in on Ageha etc while the nurses tried to seduce Koujuro. Ageha eventually spars with Ren, easily kicking his tail. Mihato later tends to his wounds while thikning more and more about him drifting away from her.

Ageha and Ren keep training, including doing good deeds via flying kicks. At night, the burglars think about breaking in, but Natose’s aura holds them at bay. Koujuro also hides in fear from the nurses trying to sex him up. Ageha runs off (in a bathtowel) when she senses the burglars with Ren in chase. She beats them up and then exposes herself to Ren, prompting another beating. She tells him that they’re really sent by a rival to… dispose of her. One attacks Ageha’s back, but Ren puts himself between her and him and almost gets hit with the poisoned needle. She catches it (and Mihato’s Onii-chan sense goes off), and shortly after rewards him with a kiss. He chooses to kiss her hand, but she grabs him and takes his first kiss by force (and gives him her’s). Mihato sees it as both the Uesugis go into shock, and then gets sadder that her brother seems to no longer need her. Miyu comforts her.


Koujuro escaped the sexy nurses and returns for more abuse.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anime n00b says:

    Man, I always do that ritual after watching this show, ninomiya-kun, Sayonara ZS and School Days (havnt finished yet); just that i need to drink before and after watching each show.

  • Mentar says:

    Miyu’s fetish aren’t shotas, but _shorts_. It was slightly hinted before 1-2 times when we saw Miyu reading “Shorts monthly” magazines ;)

  • Tokki says:

    I want a panda stuffed or real. XD

  • fy says:

    #07 is out? I can’t even find a torrent for #06 @_@ is it licensed now??