They Are My Noble Masters #05 — I’m Your Venis

February 2nd, 2008


I’m your fire, what’s your desire?


This was basically an all Venis episode, and pretty light in the loafers as far as humor was concerned. It was still relatively nicely done, but I sort of tuned out for most of the flashback. Once the rescue operation began, I did laugh at both Miyu’s assassin techniques and Shinra’s beam cannon assist. Mihato’s secrets were also worth a laugh or two. I guess before the big Veni-tribute started, there were some moments too. Ren pretending to be a sea demon and scaring Yume half to death was at least worth a grin. Still though, this was probably the weakest episode so far. Worth a few laughs towards the end, but I’m not watching this for the deep and compelling plot developments or characterizations. Let’s stick to the slapstick, eh?

Short Summary:
Ren and Venis got into arguing about money after the rest of the team saved the two jail bunnies (thanks the Super Sayajin Colonel). After rubbing down Miyu (who was rubbing down Mihato), Venis saved Ren from getting his pocket picked and the Colonel told Ren about Miyu’s past as an orphaned waif. She and Ren hung out a little more and tried to protect the pickpocket, but were outnumbered and forced away to protect the urchin. Ren took the brunt of the assault to keep them from beating up on Venis… which set off Mihato’s "Onii-chan Sense." The two argued/bonded/made out as they talked about family in the basement and Veni revealed the whole of her past to Ren. She always tried her best, but everything went wrong for her until the Colonel showed up. He took her in and she tried to rob him, but he saw her potential and convinced her to join up. Tired of sitting around in the basement, Venis breaks the ropes.

Around the same time, the rescue operation begins. Even Miyu has some assassin skills. Moreso than the trap at any rate. Shinra just has a beam cannon in the form of the Colonel. Mihato’s "onee-chan secret" was some kind of horrible poison needle. After being rescued, Venis gives the pickpocket a talking to and then everybody gets dressed up for fireworks. Tamaya! Ren notices that Venis is late, so goes to grab her and walks in on her getting dressed.


A Yume Note falls to the human world and a man is forced to… I have no idea where I’m going with this.

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  • Sensei-kun says:

    gonna need a few buckets of blood after watching this episode _[=]_O

  • Westlo says:

    Oh god Yume note.