Shigofumi #06 — Ijimekko!

February 9th, 2008


Yawn… bullies.


Well… not one of the stronger episodes, and the boku-o-meter didn’t even twitch. Maybe it’s just me, but these bully themes seem entirely too overblown. Maybe my high school was odd, but I remember the ‘bully’ in my high school having a copy of The Complete AD&D Guide to Psionics. I just can’t imagine high school bullies dragging people up to a rooftoop to force them onto a girder between buildings… hell… I can’t even imagine any of them stabbing someone in the back with a compass in the middle of class. Flick your ears, or knock your hat off, sure. Maybe I just grew up in a nice neighborhood… or the fact that I carried a trombone technically made me armed and not to be messed with. Trombones are serious business.

The imagery at the end of the episode of a bunch of puppies fighting over a milk teat was also strange to say the least. I guess they’re supposed to be saying that fighting off bullies by stabbing them with a screwdriver is just like puppies fighting to be fed or something? I don’t know. I think JCStaff missed on that one. Overall though, it really just felt a bit too outlandish for me to really connect with the situation. The dude kind of deserved it anyway for aiding and abetting bullying the other dude and being thick enough to actually end up on the roof with the bullies.


Shine on, you crazy people.

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  • lametastic says:

    You grew up in a nice neighborhood. Bullies can be really crazy sadists.

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