Kimikiss ~ Pure Rouge #19 — Jazzman, Take My Blues Away

February 16th, 2008


Or at least deal with Mao’s neverending stream of bitchiness.


Well, not one of the more spellbinding episodes, but it wasn’t terrible either. Yumi let most of the rest of the crew know that she’s transferring, and then she (and most of the rest of the group) figure out that Mao really is hot for Kouichi’s bones… but Kai’s there to pick up the pieces. Good work, Mao. You’ve gotten in the way of their relationship just like you said that you didn’t want to, and you’ve got Kai right there to comfort you. You have successfully screwed with the only good thing to happen to Kouichi on the entire show and you’ve still got your mancandy waiting hand and foot on you. You do not deserve Kai, you horrible tramp. I’m also pretty sure that they’re nearly finished filming the movie so we can be rid of all these "Mao and Kouichi pretending to be lovers" moments. Man, Mao… I used to like you. Be happy with the jazzman.

Alright, so I’m being a little overly melodramatic. I’ve got to save some bile up for Futami too. Kazuki calls you out, pours his heart out to you, and you shut him down. Have you already given up on your dream of being on a swingset? That quickly? At least Sakino is reverting to a relatively happier self since Kaz is back to being happy and energetic at soccer practice. If you’re going to be an insufferable bitch, at least have the wherewithal to wear stiletto heels and stomp on him while you emasculate him. Now that would be entertaining.

Boy, have I been distracted easily here. It was an alright episode, though very little happens until the end. Speaking of that scene at the end… did Kouichi look especially ripped to anybody else? Going out with Yumi has done his body some good. All that hand-holding has given him quite the manly physique. Annnnnnnd that’s the sign that I should wrap this up. Seeya next week on Days of Our Lives.

Nana mounts Kazuki and tries to wake him up. He just rolls over… so she screams in his ear. She then razzes him, making him think about Futami.

Kouichi is likewise laying in bed, without a sister mounting him. He thinks back to the previous episode and Mao screaming in his face that she likes him. His alarm rings and he gets up. He leaves his room to see Mao already dressed for school. They tersely exchange greetings and she walks downstairs.

They walk to school together without talking. Mao’s the first to break the silence and tries to back out of it… but stops. She tells him that she doesn’t want to get between him and Yumi and they should have fun.

Just then, Yumi comes up and Mao goes panicky. As Yumi starts flirting with Kouichi, Mao struggles to keep herself together. Yumi pulls her out of it, but Mao quickly excuses herself and runs off.

At soccer practice, Kazuki is trying hard as usual. Sakino’s happy that he’s energetic again. He gets back into it, yelling at teammates, and she smiles at him.

Mao puts her shoes away and remembers Kouichi kissing Yumi. She looks over and sees Kai putting his own shoes on. He says hello, and then walks off as she stammers to try to say something.

Kazuki waits for someone. It’s Mitsuki. The two talk about Futami briefly. Kazuki’s pretty worried about her.

In class, Kuryuu announces that they’re doing a minigame park for the school festival. She does the usual demanding of volunteers, but of course nobody wants to. She goes alphabetically then, which means Aihara Kazuki is it. Somehow, she then ends up with Kouichi as well. Yumi then volunteers and everybody cheers for her… except Kouichi who is still lost in thought.

Mao’s class is doing some crepe thing, but she’s also zoning out.

The frog girls’ class is… I stopped caring the moment they showed up on screen. Something about udon. I’m pretty sure someone was in the wrong classroom as well.

After classes, Yumi tries to cheer up Kouichi. He tells her that it’s nothing and asks her to walk home together. Hiiragi interrupts their lovefest and has stuff for him and Kazuki to do. He apologizes to Yumi and runs off. She tells him that she’ll wait for him.

At the lockers, Mao prepares to leave. Sakino runs past and asks her where Kazuki is. Mao has no clue and the two make small talk. I think they told eachother to "go for it" about three times over four sentences. Sakino gets all spazzy over kissing and Mao gets depressed over it. Sakino runs off back to practice.

Kazuki clenches his fist standing in a lab.


Kazuki talks to Futami about the experiments. He comes out and directly tells her that he likes her. She wants more details and presses him, telling him that the experiment was just that, an experiment and that’s all. If he wants to be with her, then he needs to give her a logical reason why they should continue them. She leaves as Kazuki sadly looks down.

The frog girls get their papers and wander off. Kouichi and Hiiragi stand in line behind them. They finally get to present their application to the council, but it’s basically immediately rejected.

Yumi sits in class, painting a poster with Mitsuki. The two make small talk. Mitsuki’s having a ton of fun with Yumi and all her friends. Yumi gets somewhat teary and says that she is too.

Later, they finish the poster for the movie… "True Hearts." They managed to write the wrong name for Hiiragi on it. Good job, Yumi. I’m sure Hiiragi will appreciate being called "Minmin."

Yumi gets a call from Kouichi. They’re in the line again with Hiiragi violently arguing his case with the council members. He apologizes and tells her to go on without him… this will be… awhile.

Mitsuki and Yumi walk home together. They’re flagged down by the frog girls. They yammer on about udon and whatnot. "Do your best!" Yumi realizes that this’ll be her last school festival with them all, and gets depressed. The frog girls think that she hates festivals. Mitsuki thinks it’s something else. Yumi comes out and admits that she’s changing schools.

Everybody’s surprised, but they recover quickly, vowing to send her letters and cheer her on, etc etc. Yumi thanks them as tears roll down her face.

They all walk home together as Yumi narrates how happy everybody has made her. Under it, we see shots of Kazuki leaving soccer practice, Sakino book shopping, Futami showering (no, really), Kouichi looking over the script, and Mao moping in bed. Yumi is so happy thanks to Kouichi and everything that’s happened.

A day or two later, Mao and Kouichi keep filming. Nothing will get in the way of their love! Kouichi is looking especially buff in this scene for some reason. Mao slips out of her lines, and tells him her true feelings… but Hiiragi doesn’t cut her off. Kouichi realizes what is happening and responds, telling her that he really likes her too. The two lean in close to fake kiss. Tears roll down Mao’s face and everybody is shocked. Yumi especially.

Cut! Before they kiss, of course. Mao blames her tears on a contact. Everybody is amazed and say that they looked like real lovers. Mao holds tough for a moment, but then runs off. Yumi’s no slouch and realizes what went on and looks at Kouichi in shock.

Mao runs through the city in tears. Kai passes her and watches her run past. She eventually collapses on a bench and cries her heart out. Kai stands behind her.


Futami continues to give Kazuki the cold shoulder while sitting in her room with the lights off like a lump.

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  • Anonymous says:

    i dont blam mao. love happen like that. freedom

  • totali says:

    Love power makes guys really buff. Didn’t you watch Seto no Hanayome!

  • Aroduc says:

    I thought love power caused cancer.

    Or was that gamma radiation?

  • maglor says:

    I agree Mao doesn’t deserve Kai. I suspect Futami feels that Asuka is the right girl for Kazuki, not her, but the problem might be that she already knows she needs him.

  • dangan says:

    this is getting more stupider and stupider everyday, I mean, what the hell is wrong with Mao and Kouchi? now I really wonder if this is going end up like school days.

  • gottapractice says:

    This is a very sad episode >.< huuhuuu

    Sorry for my BAD english.. -_- i hope i’ll improve =P

  • gottapractice says:

    ohh man…sorry…the comment got cut out LOL and it was long -_-

  • What-i-think says:

    okay, the episode was sad cause of the end. I personaly hope that Aihara and Asuka should end up together =P But aihara just wont give up on futami, would he? Anyway, heehee, i just hope that this series won’t end up with asuka not confessing her feelings to aihara =)

    Thanks for posting this up =D

    i like mao x kouichi but i kinda feel bad for yumi nuuu

  • Aroduc says:

    I can’t fathom that they’d have Sakino stay in the background for the whole thing given how much she’s in the OP. I’m kind of surprised (and annoyed) that she hasn’t really said or done anything with Kazuki so late in the show either. Her side of the relationship has basically never even started, even 19 episodes in.

  • Westlo says:

    lol sif mao will take back kai anyway.

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  • adz123 says:

    What a great episode who ever wrote about this is a boring person if they think this episode sucks

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  • Tierza-kun says:

    ah!! You are good! Yes, Nana and Kazuki were in a very provacative position… lol, his sister reminded him of the girl he likes :P
    I just watched this epi… Hey, do you have a vendeta against girls or something? You make them all sound evil! They have problems too you know, you think they are happy being sooo undecided?
    lol, listen to me! they this, they that.. you would almost think I wasn’t including myself! well, I like you comments, grumpy-chan!