Kimikiss ~ Pure Rouge #17 — I’m A Bitch

February 2nd, 2008


God damn it, Mao.


Remember how I said Kimikiss was enjoyable because things are kinetic and move? Well… they didn’t this episode… which made this a rather lame episode. Mao was especially insufferable too. At least there were no frogs, but that’s about as much praise as I can heap on this episode after the last month or so of some really good stuff. Seriously, Mao… you lead this guy on… ask him if he likes you… he calls you to apologize for maybe walking out on you when you’re being a bitch… and then you break up with him? How much of a bitch do you have to be to the guy? I’m sure Kai will win her back, but man… he deserves someone so much better than Mao. Let him use Mitsuki as a sugarmomma; she can support his musician lifestyle.

Sakino was also pretty lame this episode. "I stopped the Ice Bitch from messing with my man’s feelings to amuse herself… the fallout is clearly my fault." What, Sakino? What?! Chin up, sad girl. You’re playing a contact sport with him. Stop being sad and slide tackle his ass then land on top of him. I’m pretty sure that’ll make him notice you damn quick. Hopefully Mitsuki told her as much… although I question the wisdom in asking Mitsuki for advice. She’s about to be forced into a loveless marriage; what does she know?

Kazuki lays in his room alone… remembering Futami dumping his tail.

At practice, Sakino asks where Kazuki is. The coach says Kazuki called in sick, but he thinks it’s disappointing since Kaz has been putting in extra effort lately.

Kouichi wakes up and wonders where Mao is. His mom tells him that Mao’s out on another date.

Kai waits for Mao. She runs up and the two head out. Mao grabs onto his arm as they walk.

Kouichi tells Yumi about his Mao concerns, ending with sort of a "I’m silly for worrying." Yumi’s happy that she’s with him and the two blush.

As Mao and Kai walk together, she flashes back to the previous night… throwing herself into his arms and telling him to kiss her. We don’t get to see what happened though. Screw you, JCStaff. The two basically just walk without purpose. Kai suggests a racing game, but Mao’s not in the mood. She spots an interesting food store and makes a beeline for it.

Kazuki’s doorbell rings. It’s Sakino with some gnoshies for him.

The two head out together. She’s happy that the cold wasn’t serious. He asks about practice, but isn’t thrilled about it. Sakino chews him out because this is his big chance.

She asks if it’s because of Futami. He’s startled for a moment and she keeps going… telling him that she thinks he should stop the experiments. She stops when she sees him looking downcast. He tells her that the experiments are over. Sakino immediately assumes that it has to do with her calling out Futami for being a bitch. Kazuki goes on… telling her that he learned quite a bit and it was pretty fun.

Sakino’s down after hearing this. He thanks her for listening to him and that he’ll be at practice tomorrow. She silently thinks that it’s her fault Kazuki suddenly became depressed.

Mao and Kai watch the sunset together.

They compare their matching cell phone straps. Mao asks Kai if he likes her. He grunts in the positive and she says she likes him too. He asks if there’s anything else, but that’s all Mao has to say.

Later that night, at home… Mao palms a cell charm and thinks about Kai. The image of Kouichi kissing Yumi flashes in her mind. She shakes her head and decides to take a bath… but sees a book on the shelf and takes it down.

Kouichi comes home and asks his mom about Mao.

We see a flashback to Kouichi crying after reading the Dog of Flandres. Mao cheered him up.

In the present, Mao sits sadly in the bath.

The next day, Yumi nibbles on a hamburger on another date with Kouichi. These two are really joined at the hip lately, aren’t they? They talk about plans for the end of summer before heading over to a bookstore. Yumi picks out Anna Karenina. Tolstoy, Yumi? Seriously? Kouichi buys it for her.

Kai and Mao are on their own date, but she’s her usual distracted self. Kai asks her what happened, but she doesn’t answer. He tries to get her to open up… then gets a bit annoyed when she doesn’t respond and leaves for his work.

At practice, Kazuki is playing, but he’s not doing too well. Sakino watches him a bit sadly.

The Ice Queen sits alone at home, staring at a wall apparently.

Mao also stands on a bridge, staring at the street below.

Kai sets up for his work.

Sakino walks home alone, but stops. She grits her teeth and calls… Mitsuki.

Kouichi knocks on Mao’s door, but she’s out. He assumes on another date. He finds Anna Karenina on her bookshelf, but then sees the children’s book on her desk.

Mao sits on a playground swing and thinks of the past… when she was coming back to Japan. Other images… of Kai and of Kouichi and Yumi flash through her mind.

Kai works… thinking about Mao.

Mao comes back home to Kouichi waiting for her. He asks her how her dates are going, but she throws it right back at him, asking how his dates with Yumi are going. He tells her that he saw the Flandres book on her desk and it brought back a ton of memories. Mao suddenly shuts him off and heads upstairs.

Her cell rings… it’s Kai. He apologizes for earlier, but he says that it’s her fault. He apologizes again, telling her that she didn’t look well and he should have been more attentive.

She tells him that there’s nothing he can do and to not worry about it. They hang up and she sits with her head between her knees in the dark.

At the film club, they finish filming a scene of Mao looking sadly out a window. Everybody thinks she looked so natural. Kouichi flags down Yumi as they leave. Mao walks out of the classroom to see them flirting and remembers back to her own book memories with Kouichi.

On the roof, the filming continues. Mao tries to leave Kouichi, but he again confesses his love etc etc. She remembers back, reading the book of Flandres herself and crying at the ending, just like Kouichi. He cheered her up.

CUT. Kouichi admits to Mao that that was a bit embarrassing. As they discuss stuff, Mao stares and Kouichi and clenches her fist.

Kazuki cleans up in the bathroom, thinking about Futami and letting the bucket overflow.

As the roof team cleans up, Kouichi wonders what happened to Mao. Hiiragi tells him that she had to run off.

Kai sets up outside as Mao walks up.

The others start playing with fireworks on the roof.

Kai takes Mao’s hand and brings her inside. She pulls away from him at the door… and tells Kai that she doesn’t like Kai afterall.


Sad Mao in the rain. GOOD! You deserve to be wet and miserable after dumping Kai.

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16 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Mao fan #1 says:

    woot go Mao aim for ur prize!!!!!!!
    About time she dumped him…and followed her heart
    Kouichi and Mao train is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mao fan #2 says:

    Finally, about time. Kai was always too emotionally retarded to be with Mao. It was always obvious to me that Mao saw her as some idle curiosity and anything else was unwelcome.

  • Larry says:

    I don’t see a train coming… I see A NICE BOAT coming…

  • Mao fan #3 says:

    I hope it was a clean break, nothings worse then having them become a couple later on again after teasing Kouichi x Mao this much.

  • bwahahahhaha says:

    How is the world could Kai be called emotionally retarded? The guy was quiet and sweet. She is the one who has no freaking idea what she wants. Where is the Kouichi feelings in all this? Girl Mao get over yourself and let him be happy with his girlfriend. Go back to France. Biiiiiitch.

  • albert_2mb says:

    I think the best outcome will be Kouichi stays with Yumi and Mao returning to France. Mao is not worthy enough to be with Kai, since she has the same indecisiveness-that-always-leads-to-disaster aura which is somehow very similar to School Days’ Sekai.

  • Ass Kai says:

    Agreed Kai is emotionally retarded.. he looks dumb, not cool. He doesnt exist in the real game anyway(If u played it).. well kazuki also doesnt..

  • Kai x Mao Fan says:

    OMG, Mao you idiot! Kai is a great guy. Stupid Mao, does she think playing with people feelings is a great thing to do? I hope they’re going to be together again. *crosses finger and dodges flying daggers*

  • Westlo says:

    After giving so many hints from episode 6 onwards (About 25 with 80% from Mao, 20% from Kouichi) it would be borderline retarded not to end up with a Mao X Kouichi couple.

    Also I really don’t know why the Kai fans (all 20 of you) want Kai to end up with Mao. They aren’t compatible and it’s been obvious for a long time she’s been using him as a Kouichi substitute. It’s just sad it took her so long to realize it. She only threw herself at Kai at the end of 16 because she couldn’t stand seeing Kouichi and Yuumi together.

  • ann says:

    Nobody wants Kai to end up with Mao. Are you crazy? He deserves someone much better. I’m not even a fan. Nobody can help it Kimikiss is mostly watched by mindless fanboys who can’t tell Mao is a super bitch who needs to DIAF.. Worst character this season.

  • eyban says:

    hey and stuff you to all the kouichi x mao fans, really if mao tells kouchi she likes him then yumi, kouichi and kai will be upset, hellooooooooooooo she is ruining all of the peoples love lives if you guys haven’t noticed. she should just stuff her feelings, get a ticket and fly her stupid plane to stupid france, and then kouichi and yumi will live happily ever afterrrrrrrrr without maooooooo. and kai should get himself a caring and unselfish girl who luvz him for him

  • oo... says:

    lol. so let it be then, at the end of the series will determine whether kimikiss is a great show. Here comes the drama. Hope there’ll be a twist . I don’t want things to end up happy afterall.. too boring. Hope this isnt my average romance drama show. Let’s wait and see shall we. ”/ relex.

  • >, says:

    Go watch school days if u dun like happy endings :(

  • Anonymous says:

    Kai is my favorite male there, I hate Mao (but I hate Hoshino the most, though)
    I kinda understand Mao, I had a similar situation, but I made completely other choices…

  • Anndi says:

    I liked Kai best, too. Thought he was the most sane character of them all. Also, sax man that knows who Billy Joel’s saxaphonist (spelling?!) is? that’s impressive.

  • yuuk1 says:

    Unlike most of you, I happen to like Kai and would like the best for him. Mao does NOT deserve such a sweet, caring man. He’s way more mature than the others, though I wouldn’t marry him if her were real unless he’s financially stable. >_<

    Their break up was for the best for both though. :) But I really didn't see where Mao got her feelings for Kouichi… I mean seriously–it's like the animation crew/author just wanted to make a complicated love square so to keep the plot moving. It's ridiculous. The feelings just popped-out of nowhere. (=___=lll) It's a good thing that Fuuchan and Kazuppi are in here. :3