Kekkaishi #52 — Out Like a Lamb

February 12th, 2008


Well… that sucked.


I’ll spare you the overhwelming bile since it’s basically the same thing that I’ve been saying for the past couple months. Kekkaishi started out a fairly generic, but rather well animated and constructed action series. Once it finally got around to having a consistent plot and antagonist… and added the charismatic Gen, things really gelled for awhile. Unfortunately, that didn’t last and it’s pretty clear by the ending that the series was on life support ever since the budget got slashed and it likely lost the majority of its audience when it was bumped from the primo timeslot behind Conan. Production values plummetted, and things clearly got stretched out as the show’s future was in doubt, which only ended up hastening the demise. I suppose there is room for a sequel series since they basically end it saying "and the adventures go on BUY THE MANGA," but given the dismal ratings, I’m pretty sure this one has breathed its last. The constant hiatuses didn’t help either I’m sure. 52 episodes (50 airings) would normally be a 12 month schedule. Kekkaishi ended up taking almost a full 16 months to air…. about four months worth of skipped weeks. That’s just… nuts. 

Farewell Kekkaishi. I’ll fondly remember episodes 20-36 and try to forget everything afterwards. We had some good times. We had some cake. We had ninjas. We had Gen. Truly, we had it all for those three short months. It’s a shame you had to fall to pieces like this.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    “Class, can you spell Inu Yasha?”

    My suspicion is that they made those episodes up to 52 in order to have a full year’s worth to try to sell overseas.

  • Tatsunohouou says:

    All I have to say is… after McDonalds dropped them it became a chore to watch the series.

    They kill of a character too early, thus need to insert generic insert-throw-away character to take his place.

    They diverged from manga with Tokine in the Castle… but why was she even included there? Shes had no enhanced abilities and shes just space taker. What did she DO in that castle?

    …Smeg, I enjoyed the series from the beginning. I enjoyed the explanations given in the anime that weren’t in the manga.( Tokine’s father starting Yoshi’s intrest in Tokine)

    But like I said. They went overboard. They could have even inserted extra content to help strengthen Tokine’s character…

    Im just so disappointed.

    Thank you for covering the anime though

  • Sensei-kun says:

    well, that’s finally over *goes back to reading the manga*

  • KW says:

    Well sob,why so fast end,they shd continue with manga @@

  • Yoshimori-kun says:

    Hey guys if you feel the kekkaishi series has ended to quickly, follow this link:

    And sign the petition. its to convince Viz media to continue Kekkaishi. And give it to as many people as possible