Rental Magica #16 — Mousse? Is That You?

January 27th, 2008


And maid Kuroha? This is so confusing.


Sekiren is a wonderful character. When he spewed all the weapons out like Mousse from Ranma 1/2, I was an immediate fan. Then his overblown attempt at seppuku to atone for his dishonor just made things better. Then the episode became a bit weirder with Kuroha dressed up as a maid and flying around. She didn’t even seem ashamed to fly straight up over Itsuki, exposing herself… or maybe that was the plan. Itsuki didn’t seem to notice that he was getting a free show though, so maybe she was wearing jeans under her dress.

Anyway, the episode is an introduction to Sekiren, a master of melee combat, armed and unarmed. After saving Itsuki’s tail while the doofus is chasing an evil spirit butterfly, he trains Itsuki for a little bit, but when Itsuki’s attacked again, he prevents Kuroha and Honami from coming to his aid. This time, Itsuki was able to use his eye passively (but more obviously than his fight against Johan earlier in the series) and see through the illusion to attack and defeat the critter. On the other hand, it was pretty obvious to even Itsuki that the whole thing was an illusion. 

Even though the illusion spear thing wasn’t really doing any damage, I found it rather painful that by the way they showed the shot, it looked like Itsuki took a giant spear right in the junk. Sure, they revealed it to be the leg a little later, but I still winced in sympathy. I’m a little curious as to how Itsuki managed an energy blast. With or without the eye, that’s a new trick. I’m also wondering if Kuroha is going to be in the maid uniform from now on. That’s kind of a strange thought all on its own. Aside from all the maid fetishests out there, I prefer Kuroha’s casualwear.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Sand says:

    Kuroha ver. Maid = want.

  • kiryuu says:

    just watched it.. maybe Sekiren will help give Itsuki a backbone >.>;

  • Harbin says:

    Kuroha = Awesome, Kuroha + Maid = PURE AWESOMENESS

  • Jobrill says:

    I’m really liking Sekiren myself, and I’m really liking that Kuroha’s still being awesome. After the last two episodes especially, I’m actually a bit disappointed that she’s a distant third behind Addie and Honami in the running for the title of “Girl Itsuki will probably hook up with if he hooks up with a girl by the end of the series.”

    I mean, not that I don’t appreciate the occasional tsundere or anything, but just for once, having the Harem lead end up with the well-adjusted, kind, caring girl would be cool, you know?

  • Anonymous says:

    kuroha is now even better with the maid costume (still prefer her with the swimsuit)

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Er, ah, Jobrill – “…well-adjusted…”?

    and also long dead…

    Unless Itsuki is a really big fan of Lady Five Fingers he is better off sticking with one of the girls who is at least a bit alive…