Rental Magica #15 – Beach Partaaaay!

January 20th, 2008

Nekoyashiki… you’re my hero.


Remember that hot springs episode? This was basically more of the same. It took about 15 seconds before Itsuki was blushing at Kuroha, 70 seconds before Addie was making cracks about Honami’s bust size, two minutes before Nekoyashiki put his wares out for display, and three minutes before an Addie/Honami competition montage.

The actual plot was that the people from way way way back in episode 3 (I think… whichever was the Mikan introduction episode) needed them for a job. Of course, they put probably the two most inept members together to go deal with it and Itsuki and Kuroha (and Byakko) immediately got swallowed by the darkness and ended up in the world of lost ships and excessive exposition. Blah blah blah mermaids blah blah eating mermaids blah blah  evil mermaids eating them. Kuroha uses her ghost powers to call the fisherman’s doll forth (she’s really becoming quite the lich lately, isn’t she?) while Itsuki uses the power of an oar to fight them off. She used a bit too much of her powers and started fading away… or did she? Byakko and Itsuki fade away too back into the real world. And of course, they end up arm in arm unconscious on the ground for the others to find.

Oh well, for another fanservice episode, at least we got quite a bit of Kuroha. She even did the next ep preview. Hopefully the dragon/antagonist in the OP will show up relatively soon. I know that I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating – the show is so very much better when it has a plot and isn’t just episodic. Oh well, maybe next week. Tamaya!

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Furuba says:

    woooo~! itsuki x kuroha ftw =D though it’ll probably end up with itsuki x addie/honami -.-”
    o well, lol @ the no mercy with addie vs. honami at volleyball, that screenie cracked me up.
    but this had itsuki x kuroha, specially around the end with them hand in hand, awwwww. think this ep will be one of my favs till the plot kicks in xP

  • X says:

    Oh ya finally some development between Kuroha X Itsuki!!! It is quite a tragic one still since she’s a ghost lol, but love will surpass all!