Potemayo DVD Episode #5 — School Festivals!

January 25th, 2008


I missed you, Guchuko!


Hooray! Guchuko! Finally! It took us five DVD specials, and I’ve forgotten the names of half the characters, but Guchuko! I love you, you crazy little rascal. I have to wonder why she doesn’t just eat the critters that she brings people… they’ve got to be more healthy for you than the hot dogs that she was filching. This one was a lot closer to a normal episode than the other DVD specials so far. Not particularly heartwarming, but lots of random humor popping between characters every 10 seconds. I still laughed. Mostly at Guchuko, but the class rep’s deadpan reactions to her are what sealed it. Love love Kyo also made me laugh. At least the guys in the class know who the best of the bunch is.

One more DVD special to go… and I am so hoping and praying that it comes with an announcement of season two.


Summer time… which means school fairs. The whole class assembles and prepares to deploy their forces. Mudou has his own cheerleading things which whose-his-face (man, it’s been awhile) is eagerly filming.

Nene and Mikan cart stuff around while Kyo cooks pilaf. The triplets watch on with their usual aplomb. The class rep swings by and they all sample Kyo’s cooking. It’s great… obviously.


Kyo’s a bit downcast though, since she wanted to do a stall. That wouldn’t have enough ‘impact’ though.

Kyo hands the rep the foodstuffs list while Guchuko steals hotdogs. The classrep gives her the evil eye and reminds her that guests need to pay.


The male classrep gets poked at by the teacher for another class, but he quickly turns it back on the teacher’s own class for their own uncreativity.

Outside, Potemayo works on some kind of giant strange painting while some guys watch on. Sunao walks up, apologizes and sets to painting the banner for real.


He immediately spills pain on his glasses, so has to take them off. Everybody decides that Pote’s work may be preferable to blind Sunao’s.

Yasumi is alone in a classroom with a shoe, talking to it. Mudou does his little cheerleader routine through the window to cheer him on… and then tries to feed him lines..


Everybody’s teacher swings by as they get ready to open up the restaurant. Nene phones in to her brothers to prepare the after-prep festivities.

The female class rep opens her shoe locker to find a dead snake and mouse from their ‘guest’ earlier as… well… an unacceptable form of payment.


The females enjoy a hot bath care of Nene. Kyo and Mikan chatter onward about how much fun it’ll be. Kyo even yells over to Sunao on the other side of the bath.

On the male’s side, they’re fantasizing about Kyo. Nene’s brothers show up to be the morality police (for a given definition of morality) and chew them out.

After the bath, everybody heads home. Sunao and Mikan end up walking near eachother.

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  • totali says:

    UH OH. TBC!!!!! The last one better be epic….and yes, season 2 announcement would make me very happy in the pants. >:D

  • Whoever ripped it didn’t fix the aspect ratio. It’s 720*480 (raw 3:2 DVD format), and should be 853*480 (16:9 widescreen).