Kekkaishi #51 — No No No No No NO NO!

January 29th, 2008


This episode physically caused me pain.


Aren’t you ending soon Kekkaishi? Don’t you want to at least put your best foot forward here? Couldn’t you try to not suck? Last episode was good! Why did this episode have to be so terrible?

Alright, fine… I can sit through more awful generic Kaguro/Yoshimori talking; it’s the longest conversation they’ve had since Kaguro first showed up at Karasumori some six months ago. That’s the first eight minutes. Then Tokine and Sen pull Yoshimori aside and try to tell him how to fight intelligently by catching Kaguro’s swords in a semi-permeable barrier, but Yoshi’s clearly too stupid for such things, so back to the fight of brute force vs brute force. Then Kaguro leaps off the building to attack. This happens at 11:43 in. A full minute later, Sen steps in to intercept the same attack by holding discarded blade pieces in his fingertips. Leaving aside the fact that Sen thinks he can take the full force of someone swinging a sword with his fingertips, Kaguro has now spend 60 seconds sailing through the air in slow motion. Kaguro doesn’t even hit for another 17 seconds, and continuing the slow motion movement, there’s another ten seconds of staring at the impact before Yoshimori goes nuclear. From there, it takes another two minutes reaction shots before Kaguro dissolves.

Yeah, they just killed the (second) best character on the show with a random "Yoshimori gets mad" attack. That was the climax of Kaguro. A five minute slow motion long jump ending in a giant shiny Kaguro-dissolving light. Why, Sunrise? Why?

Blah blah, rest of episode is Yoshi passing out with his uberbarrier still up. Masamori tries to break in, and Tokine thinks that she can pass through it like she did with his barrier in the previous episode ending with a shot of Tokine looking like she’s actually the unholy child of Dhalsim. I think they forgot to pay attention to perspective there.

Seriously though… what the hell was that? Bah… BAH!



Byakku escapes with the Princess, and Tokine hugs Yoshimori.

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  • Sensei-kun says:

    ok, so was pissed about Kekkaishi ending so thought “why not eh?” so started reading the manga, and hell, the anime s*cks compared to the manga…

    first of all it’s not stretched out like the anime is, 1 of the boring problems of the anime… hell, 52 episodes is about 13 volumes, that’s…. sad xD

    and the fight between Kaguro and Yoshimori was cooler in the manga, but Tokine just had to ruin it all in the anime _[=]_O

  • KW says:

    it seem diff abit from manga? and kekkaishi going end?
    manga still got alot wo@@

  • Durias says:

    Erm, despite things being in slow motion and tokine being present, the Yoshimori vs. Kaguro Fight is actually the same as the manga from what I remember.

    On another note, the barrier Yoshi uses here is not Zekkai (thought I’d bring it up before people start posting how awesome Yoshi’s zekkai is).

  • Gakusei87 says:

    The Yoshimori-Kaguro fight is a bit similar with the exception that Tokine isn’t involved in the manga.

    From what I notice in the anime and manga, Yoshimori’s “zekkai” is a complete version while what Masamori (and Tokimori Hazama) use is more of an incomplete version noting that Yoshi’s version can protect as well as annihilate. The Yukimuras also have a slightly different variant which severs the kekkai making it a better match for the “absolute edge” translation.

    This is IMO by the way.

  • Durias says:

    Gakusei87, It’s not Zekkai, in the manga Yoshimori trains to be able to use Zekkai, and can do it 1 in every 10 times, but decides the technique is unsuitable for him and gives up. The technique Yoshi uses here is closer to what is used to make Uro-sama’s bed.

    Zekkai is a complete technique that Masamori uses often, and other kekkaishi’s prior to the current story also used.

  • Gakusei87 says:


    Thanks. I haven’t read the manga yet, the volumes from Viz are only up to 11 so far, with volume 12 to be released later this month.

  • Anonymous says:

    what volume of the manga is after the end of the anime?

  • anime7overs says:

    how about the ending???
    i like this anime…

  • aj says:

    wow! i want kaguro 2 be killed

  • yuki says:

    ohh come on…. is this the only episodes you’ve got??!! there should be a lot more you know… in the manga there are more happenings than this… this is nothing compared to its manga….

  • nana_chan says:

    Is Yoshimori Killed???.Oh…my god i won’t to kaguro to be killed

  • mica de san jose says:

    the pictures…
    that’s the scenes happening now a days at hero zone..
    haha i love it..

  • mica de san jose says:

    i miss shishiyo

  • aldy molsyaf says:

    waw keren banget ..yoshimori ^_^