Prism Ark DVD #01 — Cooking With Chibis

December 22nd, 2007


I wouldn’t eat their food either.


The Prism Ark DVDs will each come with a mini-episode. Although… calling them mini-episodes does a disservice to the DVD specials like Potemayo’s specials. Puri Ark #1 is under four minutes long, and about 30 seconds of that is the ending theme sung by Litte. It was still cute, I suppose. It’s certainly not the fanservice festival that Ikki Tousen DD’s DVD episodes provided. Eh. How much entertainment can 3 minutes worth of chibis rampaging even hold? They cook… badly. Then Kagura and her iron stomach is called upon as a guinea pig, but she perishes. Alrighty then!

Ending Theme

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One Lonely Comment

  • meganeshounen says:

    Well, they certainly look cute. With Kagura even looking a bit cuter than usual.