Prism Ark #11.5 — Delays Etc

December 24th, 2007

Yeah, my plane that was supposed to get in at around 11pm last night got in around 3:30am, and one of the family dogs manages to sprain its leg so I just spent two hours at the vet’s and we’re going off to some family friends for assorted Christmasy activities. I’m sure heavy drinking is probably not on the agenda. More’s the pity. Anyway, Prism Ark’s finale may take a day or two to get dealt with depending on various things. I had a chance to flip through it and… it was a disaster. They tried to cram about 8 episodes worth of show into one, which meant random cuts, the Ark appearing for seemingly no reason and at least one transformation sequence before Hyaweh and Priecia flew off in a column of light. I can’t make this stuff up. They didn’t even manage to reach where the story was in episode 1. Anyway, more later. Again, apologies and whatnot.

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