Prism Ark #10 — All Hail the PPP

December 9th, 2007


On second thought, let’s forget it ever existed.


That’s it. I give up. There just isn’t any conceivable way this is a 12 episode series. They must have released the first 12 episode titles two months ago just to screw with our heads. Also, the DVD boxes. Also the TV Schedule. Whatever is taking Prism Ark’s place at the end of December will just be more Prism Ark under a strange name. Halfway through the show after Priecia learns a valuable life lesson and gains a new attack is an appropriate time to throw in some random fanservice and what basically amounts to a little mini nonsensical filler arc about putting on a play. Three episodes from the end, where you haven’t even reached the part of the story shown in the first episode, there are still unintroduced characters in the OP, your main character is poking at his sword trying to make it sparkly, and you’ve barely even scratched the big baddies? Not so much. Maybe I’m wrong. We may be in for some very very intense episodes over the next two weeks, but I kind of doubt it. Especially since the episode ended with all the girls out to become the princess of the play and next week’s preview had, among other things, Hyaweh’s head in Jung’s lap and Priecia yelling at him at the school. To me, that does not say "plot progression." Maybe they’re just going to leave this on a cliffhanger at episode 12 and pray for a second season. I can’t even see this ending horribly in two episodes. I just can’t see any way that they’ll come to any sort of conclusion at all.

As for the episode itself, it was not good(tm). I’m pretty sure that I’m not watching Prism Ark to see drama over school festivals, but here we are. About the only entertaining part was Kisarov crossdressing in ‘breast armor’ which later ended up on Litte. Fel and Kisarov’s little play wasn’t bad, but at that point, I had considered the episode a disaster. Well, even with the play, it was a disaster of bad artwork and poor animation, but the play didn’t make things worse at least. In the game, Hyaweh basically just asked his girl out to the dance and that’s how things went. There was no crazy involved play or whatnot.

Needless to say, I stopped summarizing at about the 10 minute mark, so bulletpoint treatment for the awful awful episode.

  • Everybody is hard at work for the school festival.
  • Priecia overhears Hyaweh vehemently deny that he’s kissed Priecia to the idiot trio and storms off… only to think about kissing and pucker up to a mirror in the bathroom.
  • Fel distracts Priecia from making out with her reflection and wants her to help with the play Fel’s in, but Priecia wanders away while Fel spazzes out.
  • Litte ends up dislocating Hyaweh’s jaw in class when he doesn’t pay attention to her lecture.
  • As Bridget pops it back into place, the idiot trio discuss the PPP. No Bridget, that doesn’t stand for "Perfect Pretty Pelican" or "Pink Panties on a Penguin." It stands for "Prism Night Prince and Princess" (or something similar). Basically Windland’s equivilent of the Homecoming King and Queen for the school festival’s formal dance.
  • The fanclub has their own discussion of the… attributes required to be the Princess.
  • Filia makes a giant banner to become Princess (with Hyaweh as Prince) while Hyaweh stares at her ass. What a nice brother.
  • At night, Hyaweh tries to A.) Practice charging Ala Gladius and B.) Be "not-injured" enough to hold Ala Gladius. He fails at both.
  • Priecia comes across him and gets into an argument again.
  • Kisarov, who was out peeping, defuses the situation and he/Fel put on a play (with Fel as the Prince and Kisarov as the Princess) to teach the two about love/show how acting can be a challenge.
  • The play goes on for about 5 minutes and mostly involves Kisarov trying to force himself on Fel or beating her up in his excitement. It’s a mishmash of about three different fairy tales.
  • It finally ends without an actual lesson and Priecia tries to leave. Fel yammers at her and gets her to stop. Fel keeps yammering, to Priecia’s annoyance.
  • Fel eventually roams close to the kiss of true love and Priecia perks up.
  • She finally decides to accept being part of a play as her challenge to Hyaweh and forces him to go along as well.
  • Every single other character appears to take the spot of the play’s princess for Hyaweh’s first kiss. Litte tries on the breastplate that Kisarov was wearing before and drops it for lack of support.


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  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    Hyaweh has a strange fascination with his imouto’s ass… Is that healthy? >_>