Potemayo DVD Episode #4 — Pom Pom Burger

December 20th, 2007


Welcome to Pom Pom Burger, home of the Pom Pom Burger. Can I take your order?


Guchuko! Finally! Alright, it was only about a quarter of a second… and we’re still totally missing Kyo and Nene in these DVD episodes, but I’ll take what I can get. Not too much else to say other than that. Another warm slice of life story of Potemayo changing some poor unsuspecting person’s life through the power of gluttony. Too bad there wasn’t a mini-pirate lurking somewhere. What do you expect from me? It was all of six minutes long. It was Potemayo. It was good. Go enjoy it or I’ll hit you repeatedly with a blunt object. Now be off with ye!

Potemayo is all fired up and trying to communicate… something to Sunao. He gives up trying to understand her and kits her up with money and whatnot and sends her off. She makes it about 15 feet before chasing after a passing food truck.

Potemayo wanders through the shopping district. She sees Pom Pom Burger and runs inside. A nervous worker struggles to smile when Potemayo leaps up on the counter.

Both bow to eachother… then the woman scowls at the strange thing. Potemayo barks at her until she brings up a picture menu. Potemayo puruses it and decides on a chicken burger. The chick bounces around. The woman looks at it… and then turns back to Potemayo. The two stare at eachother for a moment.

The woman then pulls out the salad menu and asks if Potemayo would like one of those too… then we make it a value meal, and since we’ve already got one value meal, let’s go ahead and expand on that too.

A small girl watches the strange happenings. Soon a crowd gathers to watch the craziness unfold. Potemayo just keeps agreeing to every food that the counter jockey suggests. The crowd grows more and more at the crazy sight of the mochi-mochi buying everything in the store.

The next day, Mikan brings cookies to Potemayo, but they’re munching on Pom Pom burgers. Potemayo came home with too many and now they have to eat them all.

Mikan looks out at the autumn weather. She decides that tomorrow, she’ll definitely have the courage to give her lunch to Sunao. As she’s lost in her reverie and holding out the cookies, Guchuko snatches them away.

Meanwhile, the Pom Pom Burger worker has discovered true happiness in her job thanks to Potemayo giving her confidence.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Necromancer says:

    I LOL’d when she asked Potemayo if she’d want a Potemayo salad. This special has left me hungry for more Potemayo!!!

  • Totali says:

    Potemayo is the best show ever IMHO.

  • bakaohki says:

    … wow. An episode not based on any of the manga I’ve been able to get my hands on.

  • john marzan says:

    anybody know the name of the tweety bird nested in potemayo’s head?