Night Wizard #11 — Red Light Under a Blue Moon

December 11th, 2007


Ha HA! Wordplay.


A rather good episode, and we get the first glimpse of (the shoes of) Elis’ benefactor. It’s still easily possible that it could be Kirihito and/or Gazer, but I think we can relatively safely rule out most of the rest of the cast. The Akari vs Hiiragi duel was also pretty well done. Probably a bit on the excessively macho/posing/WHOSE SPIRIT LEVEL IS STRONGER side than I would have liked, but it was still entertaining to watch, especially Hiiragi and Akari’s mutual flips in the middle of it. Bell also remains a rather fun and interesting villainess, now apparently teaming up with Anzelot to deal with Shaimaal, though I imagine that she’s got some form of ulterior motive here too. It was nice to see that Lion can actually fight as well as having a prophetic book. It’s a damn shame those two haven’t been out and about the whole time.

I’m a little disappointed by the "Elis is just a fake person" routine just because it feels pretty forced. I’d have been a lot happier if the white rose baron actually had erased Elis’ existence from the world instead of it just having never been in the first place. Of course, this just means that Hiiragi will get to give one of those wonderful "your time with us was real!" speeches ending in tears all around, etc etc etc. Two episodes left, and next week’s is "Farewell." Hinano seems to think that they’d have the balls to kill someone. My money’s on Elis deciding it’s for the best for her to die and trying to get herself killed in some way before Shaimaal busts loose. I’m confident that Hiiragi will find a way to save her through the power of love and a really big sword. I’m still looking forward to seeing what on earth Kureha thinks she can accomplish against a dark god, Hiiragi and Kirihito next week despite not even being able to dent any of the grunt monsters so far in the show.

Akari vs Hiiragi

Hiiragi and Elis flee the scene of battle on one of the rockets. Akari watches them go, holding the cellphone with its trinket. She resolutely tucks it away, boards the Gunner’s Broom and gives chase.

The lesser wizards are no match for Kirihito and he easily deals with them. He wonders if they’re really the best that Anzelot’s got.

Anzelot is meanwhile pouring over the data that they have on Kirihito. There’s not much. She reiterates that the main target is Shaimaal. Kureha eavesdrops on them, thinking about Hiiragi.

Hiiragi and Elis continue their escape by train. He brings her some tea as they head back to the orphanage. She’s a bit worried about returning, but Hiiragi tells her to cheer up, they’re her companions too, they’ll obviously want to help her. Elis turns the conversation to Shaimaal, but Hiiragi tells her that there’s no way she’s such a scary thing. Any of the other girls, including Kureha, perhaps, but not Elis. She smiles at him.

In Bell’s chamber, she thinks about how to progress. Leaving things to Anzelot might be fine, but she’ll probably have to ‘help things along.’ Lion wishes Bell a good trip, but Bell tells her that she’s coming along too. Lion smiles and the two fly off.

In the morning, Hiiragi and Elis arrive at her old town. They walk through it, looking at the peaceful scenery.


They come to her orphanage, it hasn’t changed at all. She shows Hiiragi to a tree where every kid carved their name so others wouldn’t forget. As they’re looking at it, a nun finds them. Elis and her recognize eachother and reunite. She introduces Hiiragi as her classmate… and not a senior to Hiiragi’s shame.

Inside, the nun gives them tea and they ask about Elis’ benefactor. The nun doesn’t know anything though. She does confirm that Elis’ birthday is coming up. Their conversation is interrupted by all the little kids coming in and glomping onto Elis. She runs off to cook with them. Hiiragi follows them to the kitchen, but Elis doesn’t allow him to help out. The kids think that Elis is being all wifey and naggy on Hiiragi, and both go red in the face.

A man walks through the village wearing a white rose.


Cooking time over, Elis and the kids look through their old photo album. The nun comes in to shoo them off for something or other. She leaves Hiiragi and Elis alone, still looking through the photo album. Elis tells him how wonderful everybody here is. Hiiragi’s happy that Elis has cheered up and is a bit more energetic now.

The white rose man is inside now.

Elis blushes and gets flustered by Hiiragi as the white rose man approaches the door. He raises his cane and slams it down. Waves erupt from the impact all through the orphanage. Everybody senses something strange, but aren’t exactly sure what. Elis looks back down at the photo album, but she’s been erased from every single picture.

She starts to panic again as she’s totally gone. She gets up and runs into the hallway. She runs outside to the tree where her name is carved, and it’s been erased from there as well.

Hiiragi comes up behind her. She tells him that she was here. The nun comes up behind them again, but this time, doesn’t recognize Elis and wants to know why they’re here. All the kids walk out and have no idea who either one is. Elis tries to walk forward, but the kids cower behind the nun.

She tries to tell the nun that she’s Shiho Elis, but is told that there’s nobody by that name . Elis is in shock. The nun tells her to hurry up and leave. Elis runs off in tears with Hiiragi in chase.

Bell and Lion watch Elis as they travel through a strangely lit hallway. They think that this is one of the last things that Shaimal needs. Everything about Shiho Elis was fabricated and ‘she’ didn’t exist until she met with the others. Now that her purpose is served, she’ll be erased again.

Elis looks down at her letter from her ‘uncle’ and wonders if she’ll be able to smile for him . She tearfully asks Hiiragi what all this is about. He tries to get her to calm down, saying that he hasn’t forgotten her, but the world suddenly turns azure. Elis looks around and sees Akari.

Akari tells Elis to prepare herself. Hiiragi starts to step in her way, but Akari tells him that she’ll deal with him if he tries to stop her. Shaimaal must be destroyed. She summons Gunner’s Broom and prepares to fight. Hiiragi summons his sword, thinking that it can’t be helped. Akari and Hiiragi tell the other to prepare themselves and get ready to fight.

Elis tries to stop them, but Akari fires and Hiiragi charges. He intercepts her shot and detonates it. He charges through the blast and closes the distance. Akari leaps forward and the next shot is at point blank range. Akari hops backwards during the blast, but Hiiragi is right there. She casts a spell and evades with a flip, loading her gun at the same time. Hiiragi plants his sword to get up and away from the shot.

Akari repeats her demand that Hiiragi give up Elis. He refuses, so she tells him that she’ll get serious. Hiiragi replies that he’ll be serious too and holds his sword in front of him. He walks up, asking which is stronger, his weapon or Akari’s and braces it against Gunner’s Broom’s muzzle.

The two charge up their energy and Akari fires. A massive blast tears through both of them, knocking each backwards. As she recoils, her cellphone falls and she’s distracted. Hiiragi takes advantage and swings, cutting Gunner’s Broom nearly in half.

The azure world fades back to reality. Hiiragi thinks that it’s not over, but Akari yields. Kirihito walks up behind Elis, saying that he’s here to protect her too.

Akari reports her failure to the HQ, telling them that Hiiragi and Shaimaal overcame her. Hiiragi asks her to come with them. She tells there’s someone waiting for her and leaves. Elis watches her go, thinking about their times together. Hiiragi promises her that they’ll all go back to school together. Elis will be the transfer student again and the rest will also be with them.

Anzelot affirms that Akari was insufficient to deal with Hiiragi and Shaimaal. She thinks that Akari was perhaps too naive. An explosion rocks her chamber.  Lion flies out of the smoke and attacks Anzelot’s personal guard. Anzelot doesn’t move, just wonders aloud what an honor it is to have guests such as Lion… and Bell. Bell compliments Anzelot on her composure and says that they have something to talk about.

Elis, Kirihito and Hiiragi make their way to an ancient tree. From behind it, a massive blast shoots right at Elis. Hiiragi jumps in front of her, and then Kirihito in front of him to block it. It disperses, and Kureha loads another talisman before stepping out to confront them.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Hinano says:

    Haha you’re right they probably wouldn’t kill anyone, but the show has surprised me thus far so I’m not completely ruling it out. And on another note:

    I’m still looking forward to seeing what on earth Kureha thinks she can accomplish against a dark god, Hiiragi and Kirihito next week despite not even being able to dent any of the grunt monsters so far in the show.


  • T_I says:

    this episodes shows once more that Akari is my main reason for following this show

  • Shinji103 says:

    Well, I’m dang glad that they didn’t do something stupid like have Anzelot secretly have Akari and Kureha protect Elis. It would have been a stupid attempt at showing Anzelot’s humanity, because for the whole show she has been 100% devoted to do Gazer’s bidding, and having her pull a Ray ze Burral from GSD and have her turn against her god just because would have really killed the show for me.

    And as for what Kureha can do against them, I would suspect that she’s not quite as weak as we think, seeing as how Kirihito didn’t think that Hiiragi had the ability to sufficiently block her shot judging from how he jumped in front of him. I doubt she’ll actually kick real butt though simply because she’s not that vicious.

    And geez, could they hint any more at a HiiragixEllis coupling? Now we’ve got the kids at the orphanage calling them a couple and the two blushing at the thought. The people who don’t think there’s going to be a romantic relationship in this show certainly don’t have too much going for them, lol.

  • sdfaf says:

    Well a lot of people died in ep. 9….

  • Sensei-kun says:

    let’s kill of Anzelot, she’s a b!@tch anyway ^_^

  • tohno says:

    poor elis.. hope more kirihito scene next episode

  • Avisch says:

    Everything about Elis is predictable. This episode proved it.


    Same here. Too bad the directors left Akari with only small development.

  • Starry says:

    Okays. I am pretty much convinced that Ellis will end up with Renji. :/ But I am happy though! ^^ I love happy romances.