Kekkaishi #47 — Flashback… What a Feeling!

December 18th, 2007


Talk about shoehorned-in eleventh hour development.


Not that poor of an episode, but it still felt very out of place, especially since it was basically an extended flashback in the middle of a fight between a tertiary character and Byakku. It didn’t help that Heisuke’s tragic past was pretty generic as well. The actual fighting was alright, though not overly impressive, and it is nice to see that Byakku does have some moves aside from injecting his bugs into other people, but for the most part, it was just "swarms of little monsters attack, Kagami skewers them, repeat after another 5 minutes of flashback." Still, it just feels like a waste because Heisuke has been around in… what… four or five episodes before this? And then he shows up again and gets a full episode dedicated to himself where he nearly evenly fights the head of the villains. This just felt wrong all around and I can’t imagine it having any effect on any of the plotlines already in motion… the Kekkaishi, Karasumori, Kokuboro’s aims… anything. I did find the production error when Heisuke’s glasses magically repaired themselves in a couple shots at the end to be somewhat amusing.

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  • Bored Visitor says:

    Sigh, you just never get tired looking for little petty things to complain about in this show instead of pointing out the good, do you? I know you already have a remark to the amount of “because there’s nothing good about it” ready, so keep it. You seem to go out of your way to complain about every small thing. Are your reviews for other shows also like this? Is that review style “your trademark”, or something?

  • Bored Visitor says:

    Interested Guy:

    If he posts it on the internet, he should be able to deal with the echo, home turf or not. First I visited, because he was one of the few people writing about the series. By now I simply drop by from time to time due to morbid curiosity about what inane complaints regarding to Kekkaishi he has cooked up this time.

  • Interested Guy says:

    Bored Visitor:

    Its his site, let him write what he pleases. If reading these entries infuriates you, stop visiting Tenka Seiha. Its as simple as that.

  • Need To Know says:

    Who else writes about this series? If only I can look at the pretty screen caps posted here and somewhere else for the written impressions.

  • Amatsu Saiba says:

    Well I do like your pessimistic view for the anime I have started watching like Kekkaishi, getting angry with your posts makes me how good it really is, however have you ever gave a good review?….What is your favorite anime i’m curious…do you like anime at all even lol… offense just some comic relief lol