Kekkaishi #46 — Don’t Turn Into an Octopus

December 16th, 2007


It never helps.


Yeah, sorry. This got tucked into the wrong folder and well… out of sight, out of mind. It was probably for the best because this wasn’t a particularly interesting episode anyway. Lots and lots and lots of exposition. Yoshi also showed his total clueslessness by breaking the Princess’ chains instead of recognizing her tails from when she tried to attack Karasumori. She rewarded him by magically zonking him and then putzing with his mind before sending him off. Sen’s power also remains eminently lame. You’d think if all you can do is grow your fingernails, they’d at least be really sharp, but apparently Shion’s spiderweb still has him beat. Koshu was also supremely disappointing, especially after suffering through about two minutes of him ranting about not being taken seriously. Tokine dodges two attacks and kills him. The unnamed lizard monster caused her more trouble and was pretty much the particularly interesting action sequence. I also question how Tokine and Yoshimori could not have stumbled on eachother, especially with him screaming like an idiot constantly and them actually both fighting monsters less than 10 feet from eachother at one point. Silly cliches.

I have the sneaking suspicion that they were saving the budget for next week (well, at this point, this week) anyway as the preview was 100% Heisuke and Kagami vs Byakku. There were some really awful moments in the animation of this episode too. One of the times Yoshimori was running down the stairs, they literally used 3 frames of animation repeated, one per stair step. Also of note, most of the last 5 minutes had a trance remix of the usual insert song playing in the background. It amused me to hear the random distorted chanting of "Run away" and "Get away from here."

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • someguy says:

    What does the fox lady do to Yoshi’s mind?

  • pissed off says:

    Hold on a sec since when that Tokine went to that world?!!!!!!
    THAT DID NOT HAPPEN IN THE MANAGA! That’s it, I watched this series only because of the manga,to see it animated not to watch the animators crap and their retarded idea of filler shit. If they don’t want to stay with the original story, i’ll stop watching this. Another great anime with so much potencial that has turned to shit; just like


  • chacha-chan says:

    Do you know where I might get the trance remix from? I have been searching for that for a month!! I have teh whole OST album but it isnt in there..

  • mster182 says:

    I’m also looking for the trance remix too