Kekkaishi #45 — Wait… What?

December 3rd, 2007


Man, Sakon… you blow.


Alright, alright. I relent. This was another very good episode. Kekkaishi is forgiven for sucking for almost two months (three if you count the hiatus). Still not quite to its McDonald’s level, but a damn sight better than most other shows out there. That said, Sakon’s immediate death to Masamori was baffling to say the least. I realize that he was just a filler character, but come on. Masamori didn’t even have to try. He just stepped up, said "okay, this is over" and then half of Sakon’s head was gone. He spent more effort defending himself from the Urukai Wind Lord’s attack than he did in dispatching EVIL MENACING SAKON. I question the wisdom in creating a villain, spending two months trying to build him up as a badass, then having him fall in under ten seconds. What on earth is the point of that?

Yoshimori’s adventures in Kokuboro were far more entertaining. He’s at once contained, but still clearly a threat to them, and they’re really not learning much from him. I think I could have done without the deus ex machina of Heisuke and Kagami popping in to save him, especially while Tokine is still lurking about, but eh, I’ll survive. Next week has Tokine joining the assault on Kokuboro as well as Yoshi in the soothing embrace of the Princess. Good times ahead. I’m actually really looking forward to next week again.

Bulletpoint Summary:

  • Sakon taunts the Yagyu a bit and transforms into his full demon form.
  • Tokine arrives at the bluff in front of Kokuboro and decides to go in a bit more stealthily.
  • Shion’s got Yoshi wrapped up, but he’s got the Absolute Edge going, forcing her to babysit him.
  • Masamori has had just about enough of Sakon, so he pulls Atora away with a barrier and then ropes her with his thread. Then leaps directly at Sakon with his big Edge all around him. Sakon tries to attack, but Masamori just coasts straight through Sakon’s head and then dispels him.
  • Tokine makes it to the castle proper and heads in.
  • Hekian and Byakku try to get information out of Yoshimori, but he clams up. They try to use Sen as a hostage to get him to talk, or at least not resist when Byakku tries to parasite him, but Yoshi just gets pissed and shreds his ropes before Shion ties him up again.
  • After Byakku and Hekian leave, Shion drops a boulder on Yoshi to try to contain him.
  • Suddenly, Heisuke and Kagami break in and kill all Shion’s little puppets before forcing her to retreat as well.
  • Heisuke gives Yoshi a very long, very exposition-heavy speech about the power and nature of Kokuboro.
  • He and Yoshimori both head out in different directions, causing complete havoc through Kokuboro.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • qwaszx says:

    Damn mcdonalds. Anyways, thanks for the summary as i always look forward to it.

  • Saffire says:

    They changed quite a bit from the manga in this one. o.o Sakon was a filler character. Gagin (The horse dude) was the one who would’ve been in Sakon’s place had he not been killed early. HOwever, Masamori took Gagin out in about five seconds as well.

    Don’t mess with Masamori. XD If it wasn’t so spoilery, I’d show you a panel of a fight between Masamori and another tough villain. IT was awesome.

  • Sensei-kun says:

    this looks sweeeeeet!!! now hopefully Yoroshiku will speed up the subbing now :D

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh my god, finally a week we don’t have to listen to you bitching *excuse my language*

  • Shan says:

    haha nothing to do wiv kekkaishi..
    jus tot i’ll let u noe Mokona, in ur current events, is from Magic Knight Rayearth and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle :)