Potemayo DVD Episode #3 — Random Acts of Moeblob

November 23rd, 2007


I can’t imagine a more petrifying angel of love.


Boo for having three DVD episodes and no Nene or Guchuko. This is a travesty! The DVD episodes continue the trend of being decent, but nowhere near as much fun as the rest of the series was. This time, we get a milquetoast office lady who subsists on convenience store food and her adventures with the little furry catblob. Man, her not having a name until the last 20 seconds of the episode made writing this one awkward. I’m still not even 100% certain what her name is. Inamiya, I believe, or something similar. Something with a lot of syllables and too many vowels. It was a nice little story about how Potemayo changed her life though. Assuming she doesn’t dump the counter jockey after a couple weeks of hot lovin’. Since it was focused on her and all of 6 minutes though, it’s hard to form too close of a bond or empathize with her all that much. One more to go. Hopefully they’ll end it with a bang… and by bang… I mean announcement of a second season.

Night reigns over the land. At the convenience store, a woman shop. She’s already bought carbonara and keeps browsing around. She hears a strange sound and looks down. Potemayo is there, looking at her. Potemayo makes strange gestures at her.

She calls over to the store manager, telling him that there’s something strange here, but Potemayo clambors up her legs and clings to her ass. She recoils in fear and screams.

The store manager chastises Potemayo for her behavior. The woman is reliving all her past tragedies. Potemayo scampers over and points at something and goes back to barking at it. The woman finally gets the message, but doesn’t figure out that ‘cho’ means that Potemayo wants chocolate. After three tries, she gets it and gives it to Potemayo, who waves ‘bye bye’ and trots off.

The woman leaves the store and finds Potemayo being attacked by a cat. It steals her chocolate and runs off.

This became something of a routine between the woman and Potemayo. They’d meet at the convenience store, she’d help the little creature buy things, and then the cat would steal them.

One time, she wasn’t paying attention to Potemayo, and the little beastie ran off to cling to the store manager instead.

She jealously fetched the snack Potemayo wanted and ended up being tackled by moecatblob.

Later, the lady walks home. She passes a clock, thinking about how late she is. She quickly runs to the convenience store and finds Potemayo asleep on the counter. Browsing around, she finds a new flavor of ice cream. She asks Potemayo if she eats ice cream, and Potemayo tries to run at her. This time, she gets slapped away.

On a bench outside, Potemayo is recovering after eating the ice cream. Potemayo gives the lady… a thing. She looks at it strangely, but finally tries it, and it’s delicious.

Now the meal time continues, with Potemayo getting to share in the store-bought carbonara and other foods. They have regular little picnics.

At her office, the woman works just like everybody else. An office mate thinks that she seems a little different.

She walks home, thinking about trying new things. She waits at the convenience store, but Potemayo never shows up. Soon, it starts to rain, and she walks home.

Another day, she’s buying her carbonara again. She’s lost in thought as the owner asks for money. He then follows it up by saying that if she’d like, they could eat together.

Sunao walks past the convenience store with Potemayo and Mikan. She struggles to get free and go in, but she got into bad habits from eating that food all the time, so he won’t let her.

After they leave, the man walks out of the store, on the phone with the office lady and making plans for later.

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  • Totali says:

    LOL it took her pants….her pants man!

    These throw away characters have HEART!