Our Condolences, Ninomiya-kun #07 — Bedpans and Incubi

November 14th, 2007


Two things you probably don’t want in the same room.


The animation took a minor step upward this week compared to usual (but not last week’s fight scenes), and we also had the introduction of what will probably pass for the antagonist of the show. The bait and switch with the succubi and the flashbacks no longer works, so it’s pretty obvious that the new flashback girl is Mayu, which makes that relatively uninteresting.

As for the rest of the episode, it was all over the place. The first half seemed to be setting up for a character introduction episode to Okushiro, but then she disappeared for the rest of the episode. Then MYSTERIOUS INCUBUS was hanging around, but he disappeared entirely, and the second half was just Mayu taking care of a sick Ninomiya in predictable inept fashion. Other than the rather nice eyecatches, nothing really stood out for me, especially coming off of watching Dokuro yesterday which reminded me what high energy slapstick was supposed to be all about.

Pregame is Reika fondling herself and being grumpy about her lack of bosom. Hosaka appears and tells her that size isn’t everything. She misunderstands and initiates a plan to sell the flat chest as the greatest thing ever by dispensing fliers all over Japan. Mayu stumbles into one of the celebrations and gets chased off for her giant chest. Reika sits enthroned above it all and wonders how things came to this.

Ninomiya and Mayu are locked in a freezer for their training this time… in bathing suits no less. They resist clinging to eachother for warmth until Mayu starts to ice over. Ninomiya reaches for her, but he freezes up too.

The elder siblings bust in and yell at them for not keeping warm.

Reika also busts in and sees Ninomiya reaching for Mayu. Shinobu grabs him and holds a knife to his throat and waits for the order to execute.

At school, Ninomiya is tied up by the girls as usual. They put a bib on him and try to forcefeed him. He thinks that he has to bust out and save Mayu… but she’s along with them, trying to cram some sort of rolled fingerfood down his throat. The guys in the class watch evilly.

A little later, Ninomiya hangs out in the library, still fighting his cold from the freezer. He thinks about how things are getting to be more troublesome around here, but looks outside into the sunset and remembers asking Mayu to look at the stars together. He also remembers the promise he made as the Onion Man to Reika and the kiss they shared. He wonders how he could have forgotten these memories and whether or not that girl really was Reika. He also recalls that Reika is a succubus. Mayu lurks around the corner flashing through her memories of Ninomiya nearly kissing Reika. This has been quite the flashback session.

Mayu gets ready to go make her moves on Onion Man, but the glasses girl (Okushiro?) beats her to it and snuggles right up to him. He shrugs her off and asks for her help in looking for a place. She turns the page and makes a suggestion… he asks why. Her response: “It has a great hotel that you can really be free in.”

Later, Ninomiya escapes again and tries to leave the school. Mayu chases after him, but Okushiro shows up again and attaches herself to his arm. Ayakawa is impressed by Okushiro’s boldness and drags off Mayu. Some guy watches on from the distance.

Ayakawa gives Mayu the run down on Okushiro, telling her that they’ve known eachother for a long time, etc etc. Mayu gets depressed heaing all about it and starts emitting strange mewling noises which I think are supposed to be whimpers.

Ayakawa tries to cheer her up, but Mayu remains mostly distraught. Ayakawa tells her to do her best anyway and finally gets a smile.

After Ayakawa leaves, a wind blows and Mayu’s eyes turn dark. Her world turns pink and the mysterious guy appears to catch her as she falls. His eyes glow red and he calls her by her name.

At school the next day, Ninomiya, still fighting a cold, tries to find Mayu and then head home. In the background, girls are clamoring over the mysterious guy. Ninomiya finds Mayu and goes to get her, but the guy calls out to her first. While Ninomiya wonders who he is, the other guys in his class grab him and carry him off.

They drag him to a dark classroom and put on masks as part of a secret society. Ninomiya isn’t fooled for a moment, but they soldier on with their grand plan to win over the girls that Ninomiya has monopolized. The goal is the number one girl that Ninomiya has monopolized. He puts two and two together and realizes that they’re after Mayu.

Later, he staggers out, his illness getting worse. The guy is waiting for him at the gate. He tells Ninomiya to leave Mayu to him.

Ninomiya thinks for a second, but then collapses. Mayu runs up to him.

Back at the mansion, Ryoko chews him out for getting sick. The girls are concerned, but she tells them that it’s nothing. The elder siblings leave Ninomiya to heal on his own, but the succubi want to care personally for him. Hosaka and Shinobu remind Reika that she has crap to do and has to go. Reika is massively annoyed, but she yells at Mayu that she’s leaving Ninomiya to her and won’t forgive screw-ups. The Hojo trio flies off in their copter.

Mayu tries to take care of Ninomiya, but his fever isn’t going down. Ninomiya wakes up thanks to her spazzing with his pillow and whatnot. He remembers another girl in his past. A girl that was very sick. She tells him that girls can be woken with a kiss. The girl passes out. Shota Ninomiya leans down and kisses her.

Ninomiya wakes up and wonders aloud “who it was.” Mayu thinks that it means Ninomiya has forgotten her. Before he can explain, she calls Ayakawa and demands help.

A little later, Mayu brings a purple glowing demon concotion that’s supposed to be some kind of risotto.

She tries to feed it to him, saying it’ll make him better, but Ninomiya wisely resists. She starts crying and he settles down and tries to eat the cursed garbage. Predictably, it makes things worse and now he has… bathroom issues. Mayu makes things even worse by leaning down and putting her chest in Ninomiya’s face.

She tries calling Ryoko next and somehow ends up in a nurse outfit with a giant syringe. Ninomiya just wants her out, but she jams the syringe into his ass and plunges away. Ninomiya is now in all sorts of pain and problems.

Reika is next, despite her meeting with an Arab prince. She blurts out “Maika ga!” prompting an English “WHAT’S MAIKA GA MEAN?!” The telephone game continues with the Arab Prince trying to figure out what the hell was going on, expecting a business deal or something. “OH REIKA SAN! WHERE MY KA GA MI?”

At this point, Ninomiya is bouncing around the bed, trying to avoid Mayu giving him a sponge bath. He fails pretty quickly, and Mayu rubs him down with breasts and rag.

Ninomiya is nearly at his limit, but he shrugs Mayu off and then grabs her in a hug to stop the torture. She’s distressed, and tells him that this isn’t good, she’s a succubus, etc.

Ninomiya doesn’t answer, and she tells him that she say him and Reika together, nearly kissing, but Ninomiya has long since passed out. Mayu thinks that’s fine too.

He wakes up later to two of the male classmates and Ayakawa standing above him, thinking about how nice of a love-love situation this is. He looks around in surprise and sees Nurse Mayu laying next to him. The elder siblings are impressed, but Reika’s entourage is annoyed.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • serenade_beta says:


    There is no proof yet that he is a incubus.

  • Aroduc says:

    The swarm of women fawning over him, Mayu’s succubus reaction, and the glowing red eyes are a bit of a hint. :-P

  • serenade_beta says:

    Leaving the reaction aside, popular guys are swarmed with girls too (in anime, at least), and I never noticed glowing red eyes (since his eyes are naturally red).

    Time will tell?

    Well, unless what Jp Wikipedia said is correct. Then it could be explained…

  • Aroduc says:

    I actually don’t know much about the novels above and beyond the Mayu/Reika past stuff, so I’m just going by intuition/things put forth in the show. I’m open to being wrong/misled.

  • Totali says:

    boob rubbing,
    man violation,
    um yea

    That’s pretty much what I got from this episode. Also, more random boob jiggling than you can shake a stick at.

  • Tensho says:

    I’m quite positive that the “INCUBUS” is the Okushiro brother that Ayakawa mentioned to Mayu.

  • Gummi says:

    OMFG I figured It out sorta, the guy with the green hair and Okushiro the girl with the glasses who seduces Ninomiya-kun In the most erotic manner know to man are related, there are two options either the guy with the green hair Is in love with Okushiro and jealous for the close attachment that Okushiro and Ninomiya-kun are making or Okushiro and the green-haried-guy are the villans here and actully trying to seperate Mayu and Ninomiya-kun for a plot unknown atm. But If you think about It Ninomiya-kun has a rather alot of girls attracted to him even though he isint anything special or something like that and he can also touch Mayu and Ryōko Ninomiya might not be Ninomiya-kuns actual sister well If you dont see it you might notest that Ryōko and Mikihiro Mayu older brother have never come in physical contact so there it brings another hint. :D Just think about It if you have bin watching carefully of each episode it brings alot alot of hints.