Our Condolences, Ninomiya-kun #06 — The Onion Man’s Counterattack

November 8th, 2007


For leeks!


This was actually an all around awesome episode. Hosaka got to be a badass, a couple really well animated action scenes, Onion-Man remembered his promise with Reika, etc. The only thing lacking really was the humor, which was mostly just the pretty awful sequence of Mayu accidently blowing the enemy up. Honestly though, remove that, and you’ve got probably one of the solidest episodes of Ninomiya so far. Hell, I’ll even rip out the fightscene between Ninomiya and Jungle Fever Yoko since aside from Prism Ark, it’s probably the best non-mecha fight in this season so far. How pathetic is that, Shana? You’re being beaten by Ninomiya in the action department. I don’t really care much for Shinobu the maid-shinobi so far, but then again, she hasn’t really done anything at all, so we’ll see how she turns out next episode. I’m sure that some people are already foaming at the mouth to have another maid on the show. I guess with Reika joining the MPD-Amnesiac succubi corps, her spot was vacant.

Ninomiya vs Jungle-Fever Yoko

Mayu gets out of the bath and has a horrible realization. She’s gained weigh and has to go on a diet. At dinner, despite the spread in front of her, she can’t bring herself to not eat Ninomiya’s food and perhaps hurt his feeling. She’s trapped by eating after all.

Returning to the island, now it’s day and the mansion is completely seized by the military men. Reika wants to know what’s going on while all three are tied up. She thinks that it’s a bit strange, but Ninomiya says that considering his sister, it’s probably not. Reika is forced to agree and reminds him that her status may also have contributed.

This bonding between them makes Mayu flash back to seeing the two nearly kiss. Mayu is jolted out of her reverie by Ninomiya and she makes up some lame excuse saying that she was thining about their situation. Reika interrupts her saying that these people are pros. Ninomiya is forced to agree since they did a damn good job tying him up as compared to the two girls. Reika rolls over and says that they’ve got nothing to do right now but wait.

On the beach, the woman enjoys her cocktail. A man comes up to report on a disturbance, but the woman cuts him off and points her gun at him. He goes running off and she stands up.

Inside the mansion, a soldier falls and Hosaka runs on to the next one.

In the room with Ninomiya and the others, Hosaka walks in cheerfully and apologizes for the wait. He unties Reika first and she clocks him for taking so long to rescue him. He apologizes, saying that it was uncertain who the target was, but it’s not one of them. Ninomiya thinks it was his sister afterall.

All four head out, but the mansion is strangely quiet. Mayu remembers the military radio that Yoko had and suggests that they go after that to call for help. Hosaka idly wonders if they’d come, but Mayu insists that they would. Nobody else agrees with her, so she annoyedly says that they’ve got to search for it and heads off.

She opens a nearby trapped door and there’s a pop. Mayu collapses and a BB rolls off her forehead. Hosaka twirls a BB gun confirming it. He volunteers to check another door and opens it. This time, a shot rings out and he collapses, blood spreading beneath him. Reika runs to him, but the woman steps in front of her.

The kids are quickly surrounded, but Reika steps forward and asks them if they’re really serious. Ninomiya nods to Mayu, then picks her up, grabs Reika and leaps off a tree and out a window. The men give chase as the woman thinks that Reika is the same as ever.

In the forest, Ninomiya keeps running with both girls in tow. Reika complains about being manhandled, but pursuit is still hot on their tails. Ninomiya leaps up a cliff and the soldiers are left behind. Reika moves forward to return to confront them, but Ninomiya knocks her out and leaves her to Mayu.

He jumps down the cliff and back into the fight. A woman leans against a tree, watching Mayu carry off Reika. Ninomiya thinks that he’ll get serious now and attacks the soldiers.

He easily takes down about five. Another one opens fire, but Ninomiya leaps above him and lands on his shoulders before taking him down.

Doofus gets overconfident and a woman (in a tribal mask, no less) appears behind him, then steps in front of him before he can turn around and punches him in the chest. Ninomiya immediately collapses.

Back in the mansion, a tied up Ninomiya has water thrown on him. The woman sits in front of him. Ninomiya tries to tell her to leave him out of the business of his sister, but she says that she knows what she’s doing and backhands him. She tells her subordinates to rough him up and leaves. As they start beating him up, he remembers being beat up for the sake of a girl in his past.

Reika comes to with a start. Mayu calls out to her from the cave entrance. Mayu suddenly hugs her, in tears.

Reika demands to know what’s going on, but Mayu’s too distraught to respond. She finally manages to tell Reika that Ninomiya went back and must have been captured.

Mayu says that they have to rescue Ninomiya, but Reika tells her that the soldiers have set traps everywhere and it’ll be impossible to get close without a diversion. Mayu says that she’d be fine. Reika picks her up and they head out.

A soldier hears a cry and sees Mayu stumble out of a pit trap. She makes it a step before a cage falls on her. She walks out of that and falls into another pit. The soldier watches, confused. Finally, she’s stuck in a big pit and the soldier drops a rope to her and pulls her out. The soldier and her bond for a moment before Mayu accidently triggers a tripwire that knocks him out with a log.

Mayu continues her oblivious path of destruction, turning the traps against the soldiers without the foggiest clue. She soon becomes a demon of the battlefield.

Reika stands on a bluff, thinking that Mayu really is at a level unknown to men and runs in. The soldiers scramble to deal with Mayu while Reika slips through the chaos. She searches the house until she finds Ninomiya. She unties him, but he’s still unconscious. She starts to cry over him and her tears wake him up.

He asks why she’s crying, and she tells him that he’s always protecting her and getting hurt. She doesn’t want that, “Onion-man.”

Being called “Onion-man” jolts Ninomiya back into the flash with the girl that called him the same thing. The promise that he made in the past with a kiss was with Reika.

Unforunately, such bonding moments can’t last, and Reika gets another chop to the back of the head by tribal masked woman who motions to Ninomiya to bring it on. The two fight, but Ninomiya is completely outmatched. He won’t give up even though her level is totally different from his, but he’s pulling the power from his desperation. He thinks that it’s the same as that time when he was beat up.

He finally backs the tribal masked woman into a corner and manages to land a hard punch on her face.

The mask cracks, and the woman is revealed to be Yoko. She makes Ninomiya stop for a second and then pulls out a sign saying that it’s a great success. The realization that this was all a setup makes Ninomiya faint.

Mayu tries to shake Reika awake. She comes to and demands to know what happened to Ninomiya. Mayu tells her it was all fake. The two carry Ninomiya outside to survey the damage that Mayu caused. Reika is forced to compliment her for doing her job though.

Hosaka and the silver-haired girl watch the two carry Ninomiya off. Hosaka asks her if she understands now that Reika is in good hands with Ninomiya and Yoko. She thinks that it’s okay and jumps off the balcony. Hosaka follows suit.

Back in the mansion, Reika beats up Hosaka for worrying her. She also yells at Shinobu (now in maid gear) for being a part of this nonsense. Shinobu declares that she’s become a maid to better protect Reika and even shows that she’s got a sword in her broom and holds it to Ninomiya’s throat.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Aexile says:

    I REALLY dislike Yoko and Mayu’s brother. All they’ve done is take pleasure in putting people through hell. They must be planning on abandoning Shungo and the girls when the real trouble starts, otherwise they’re just demented with no purpose.

  • Shinji103 says:

    At first, for some odd, freakish, “I have no idea twhy the **** I thought that” reason, I thought Shinobu was Mayu’s bodygaurd. (please don’t ask me why I thought that, I already stated that I have no ****in’ clue ^^b ) I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out that she’s Reika’s bodyguard…….only to realize that that’s not really too much better….. ^^b

  • Totali says:

    Yes, let’s have Reika’s inner dialog played during a very distant shot of her running towards the mansion!

    Eh, who watches fighting anime anyways….jk