Night Wizard #08 — The Emasculation of Hiiragi Renji

November 21st, 2007


Poor guy… only Kureha has smaller ‘equipment’ than him now.


It’s hard to take demon overlords seriously when they’re dressed like they can’t decide whether or not to be a maid or a mage and they’re named Amy. I mean, seriously. We’ve had villainesses named things that I don’t even think have vowels in this show and then they try to sneak an ‘Amy’ in? What is the penultimate villainess guarding the gate to Bell going to be? Susan? Mildred? Jane The Undying?

Making fun of the name aside, another fun relatively action packed episode. Kirihito, for all that he magically teleports around, seems to be more on a third side of Anzelot and Bell’s little war, though I wouldn’t put it past him to just want to eat them all if the situation were right. He just has that mini-evil wizard charm around him; immense power, no hesitation to throw it around, and the willingness to stand on the sideline and evilly twirl his fingers when nothing better presents itself.

I kind of missed Akari and Kureha this episode, but they stopped being useful members of the combat party back in episode 3 and 1, respectively. If ditching them is what it takes to get Hiiragi to get back to fighting things, then I’m all for it. On the other hand, there are at least four episodes left and we only have one gem to go, which is apparently guarded by the last boss herself. At least, until she fuses with the real last boss, grows wings, and the angel chorus starts. At that point, I find it’s usually best to cast Life3 and cast Ultima repeatedly. Nature tends to take its course after that.


A strange structure sits in a courtyard while a redhaired mage tells her master to hurry up and come home.

Team Good Guy looks at photos from an old school trip. Hiiragi managed to get attacked by the deer. He’s somehow been roped into doing the cleaning duties in the clubroom while the girls slack off. He chews out Kureha for the area being a mess, but she says that it’s Hiiragi and Elis’ fault for tak

Akari finds a box of random junk that needs to be tossed. She and Kureha carry it outside. Elis suddenly senses something and falls off the ladder where she was cleaning. Hiiragi barely manages to catch her. Her eye glows while a huge ball of energy surrounds the two and they disappear.

Anzelot’s forces continue monitoring the situation. Elis and Hiiragi have been pulled through a rift to another time. The two fall through the void calling to the other. Hiiragi disappears as a clock rings.

Elis is spat out into the courtyard from the start of the episode. She calls out to Hiiragi, but a flash of pain in her eye causes her to collapse again. The red haired maid/mage steps out and wonder who this is. She is not her master as she expected. What might have gone wrong? She sees Elis’ bracelet and recognizes it. Elis runs away, but when she reaches the archway looks out to see that she’s on top of a tower in a strange world.

The maid/mage walks up behind her and says that she understands. She was called here because of the gem of Justice. Elis looks past her and sees the gem in the middle of the structure. The sharp pain drops Elis again.

Near the base of the unfinished tower, Hiiragi appears and tries to find Elis. A strange man grabs his shoulder and stops him. Hiiragi is forced into hauling stone to build the “tower that will bring the gods.”

Another man with a whip thinks that Hiiragi looks strange and stops them. He tries to whip Hiiragi, but gets his whip sliced up instead. The man yells at him for defying the whims of the great demon lord. Hiiragi comes to the conclusion that they’re talking about Emulators and readies himself, telling the slaves to retreat.

A little later, Hiiragi has apparently beaten the slavers to a pulp and queries them about the tower. He learns that someone named Amy is in charge of it and its name is Babel (surprise surprise).

His phone starts ringing somehow and he answers it. Anzelot has no need for cell towers! She chews him out for ending up in the strange world without her permission while he rolls his eyes. She bitches him out for losing track of Elis too.

He fills her in on Babel and what he’s learned. She confirms that it and an emulator is what brought them there. They’re going to need to kill the emulator in order to return. He asks her if she knows where Elis appeared. She tells him that she’s on the Tower. Her signal starts to break up and Hiiragi loses her entirely. He runs to the tower.

He enters on the first floor wondering what kind of strange place this is. Movement behind him startles him and a demonic puma attacks him. He dodges and summons his sword, but it tackles him and he has to kick it away.

A winged monster swoops down from below and knocks him back. He gets up and manages to slice the puma, but a golem leaps out of the ground behind him and sends him flying. He slices at the winged monster as it flies by, but misses. A magical circle appears in the air and fries all three monsters. Kirihito is here as well.

He berates Hiiragi for not being able to handle those three creatures. Hiiragi demands to know why he’s here, but Kirihito runs off, saying that Elis is in danger.

The two continue through the tower while Hiiragi tries to interrogate Kirihito. He only responds that Elis is the important thing here and Hiiragi needs to remember that. He does already know that the demon lord Amy is behind this. Hiiragi tries to yell at him, but Kirihito pointedly said that he didn’t have time.

The two wonder what purpose the tower has. Kirihito thinks that it’s to summon the greatest and ultimate demon lord, Shaimal.

Up on the top of the tower, Amy continues her ritual asking the great Shaimal to appear for her. She’s sure that the gem of Justice will draw him.

Elis is meanwhile locked in a dark room with a magical seal that blasts at her when she touches it. She thinks for a moment that Hiiragi will come to save her, but then steels herself and pushes on the seal. Fighting through the pain, her bracelet glows and the seal releases. She stumbled out into a strange corridor. She senses her gem and walks forward.

On top of the tower, night has fallen. Elis walks out  and sees the gem. Amy yells at her, wondering why she’s here again and how she broke the seal. Her master will not allow such interference… and she charges up the pillars on the courtyard. They gather energy while Amy chants a spell. A huge pillar of light erupts and a giant black egg appears. Amy addresses it as the great demon lord, Shaimal.

Magical circles appear on the egg and a tail, claws and wings burst forth. An eye opens through one of the circles and glares at Elis. Amy continues pleading with it while Elis stands petrified.

Kirihito blasts one of the pillars and the magical circle collapses.

Amy cries out as Kirihito keeps going ballistic. Seeing Shaimal glaring at Elis, Amy traps her in a crimson bubble and floats her towards him. Before she reaches, Hiiragi slices the bubble and catches her.

He points his sword at Amy and gets ready to attack her. Kirihito has pretty much finished utterly destroying the tower’s magical structures. Shaimal looks around and lets loose a huge blast in Kirihito’s direction, forcing him to leap away. The blast utterly obliterates the countryside in the distance. Kirihito safely floats with nothing but an injured arm.

The magical structures gone, Shaimal fades and disappears. Amy cries and then vows to punish those responsible. Hiiragi rushes at her, but she engulfs him in a tornado and then blasts him with an ice wave.

Elis senses the gem of Justice again an calls out to it. It lifts and flies to her hand. She uses her bracelet to form “Ice Wall” (?). It looks more like a sword to me. She sends it flying at Amy and blasts it directly at her. As Amy dies, the clock rings and Hiiragi and Elis disappear. Kirihito remains and summons a massive energy blast, levelling the tower.

Back in the real world, Hiiragi and Elis were dumped right back into the club room. Kureha stumbles in and asks why Hiiragi has his sword out. Akari notices that Elis has another gem.

Elis and Hiiragi look out from the school’s roof and talk about what’ll happen when she gets the last gem. Hiiragi says that she’s become pretty powerful, but she insists that she still needs him.

Bell and her companion discuss Elis acquiring the gem. Unfortunately for Elis, Bell has the last gem, and Elis’ easy ride ends.

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  • D says:

    “AMY” is the 58th lord of Solomon.
    “Dantalion”(Lion Gunta) is the 71th lord of Solomon.
    “Bael”(Paru Kuru,EP.07) is the 1st lord of Solomon.

    Most of Dark lords are based on the demons from the grimoire The Lesser Key of Solomon.

    Bell Zephyr(Beelzebub) is one of exception.

    Elis’s bracelet is “Ain Soph Aur”.

  • Aroduc says:

    Bah! I eschew your attempt to educate me! ^^;

  • Hinano says:

    Renji is hot, they can make him wear a tutu, and I’ll still think he’s hot. *plots cosplay plans for JPmeyer* 8D

  • Aroduc says:

    I’ll withhold any snarky remarks about the size of a man’s sword in relation to his skirt. :-P

  • Shinji103 says:

    And yet more hinting at HiiragixEllis. :D

  • Kresnik says:

    So they actually not picking some random names.. I’ll give them some credit for that..