Night Wizard #07 — Ice, Ice, Baby

November 14th, 2007


Word to your mother.


Not a bad episode, though I was expecting a lot more development for Akari and her ferret thing given the first few minutes. Then they just sort of dropped that completely. Maybe they’ll come back to it or at least explain a little more what happened later. Akari is some sort of artificial, or at least enhanced, person anyway, which isn’t really all that surprising. Hopefully the ferret will be the last we see of the “obligatory magical animal.” At least this one probably doesn’t transform into a shota librarian.

Otherwise, it was a nice little time waster. I like Hiiragi and I like Elis, but they’re pretty boring together honestly. I don’t mind relationships without drama, but there are just no sparks at all here. It reminds me a lot of Daisuke and Shiika’s relationship in Mushi-Uta, but without any intrigue and any ulterior motives at all which frankly, makes it just plain uninteresting to me. I don’t mind if it’s devoid of romantic elements, but given the time and energy they’ve devoted to Hiiragi and Elis together, you’d expect there to be something at the end of the round above and beyond the usual “X is my precious friend” tripe.

Also of note, check out those upcoming episode titles.

09.) 「パンドラの匣」~ベル対アンゼロッド~ — Pandora’s Box ~Bell vs Anzelot~
10.) 破壊の神 — God of Destruction

Pretty sure we’ll find out sooner rather than later. Sexy.

A girl lies in a technological chamber while people scientists stabilize her magical levels. They begin a countdown to awaken her. She opens her red eyes. The chamber is a liquid filled chamber in a room of Anzelot’s henchmen. The chamber drains.

Akari walks through the halls of a hospital and comes to a comatose woman. She apologizes to ‘Mikoto’ and says that she’ll continue protecting the world and save it. For some reason, there’s a ferret on her shoulder.

At Elis’ apartment, Hiiragi falls down the stairs… just as expected from the falling man. He yells at Kureha to not call him that. The doorbell rings and Elis buzzes Akari and her ferret, Donbri, up.

The three officially toast Akari joining their party of endless love.

Hiiragi pours some water for Donbri, and wonders why girls think that he’s cute. He tries to poke the little rat and it clamps onto his finger. Instead of going for the anaesthetic and tetanus shot, the girls all laugh at the rodent antics. A timer rings and Elis goes off to fetch her pie. Kureha asks about the girl Akari visited, but Akari says there’s no change.

Elis starts handing out the pie. Akari is the first to eat and likes it. Elis also has some “brusquette” (I think she means bruschetta) for them and assorted other foods.

After the party, Akari sits on the roof and looks out over the city with her rat. It climbs up on her shoulder and looks at her. She smiles and holds it close.

Hiiragi keeps studying in his tent, determined that he’ll be able to go to class tomorrow.

Except he suddenly thinks of all the things that would get in the way of his happiness. There’s gems to collect… and Elis’ birthday coming up… and he tumbles out of the tent cursing Anzelot.

Inside, Elis narrates to her uncle as usual. She tells him about Akari and the ferret and her food, etc etc. She is a little sad that they’re all here to protect her, but she perks up when she remembers that she’s going to school and going skating tomorrow. She finishes her letter saying how much she’s looking forward to her birthday.

Kureha knocks on the door and comes in wearing a bathrobe. She thinks Elis has a love letter, but Elis disappoints her by saying that it’s for her uncle. Kureha takes the chance to have some fun with an all too naive Elis.

They’re interrupted by Hiiragi screaming from the balcony that it’s all Anzelot’s fault. Kureha tosses open the tent flap and quiets him, but is then assaulted by Hiiragi’s manly odor. Apparently somebody’s in bad need of a bath. He refuses until Kureha threatens to reveal his secret and drags him off for a little heterosexual bathing.

Elis suddenly senses a presence… Kirihito is on the balcony. He walks up to Elis and takes her hand to look at her bracelet. He tells her that it will be finished before her birthday, because he is the one who will protect her. Kureha’s voice distracts Elis and Kirihito slips away and disappears. Kureha asks what was going on and a visibly shaken Elis says there was nothing and runs off. Kureha checks out the balcony anyway, but then remembers that Elis was going to take a bath and runs off to intercept her.


She’s a liiiiitle bit too slow though, and Elis manages to strip, clip up her hair, and make it into the bath to find Hiiragi there. The girl is apparently good at getting naked quickly. Both scream in surprise.

Kirihito lurks evilly.

The next day, Hiiragi’s class is all at the skating rink… except for Hiiragi. The teacher is about to mark him absent, but he comes running in… and slips on the ice. The teacher marks him present while all the girls laugh at him.

While Elis tools around the rink clumsily, Hiiragi tries to get the teacher to mark him present for the past days and let him count. Elis continues falling over herself until she gets tired of it and rests on a wall. She sees Akari cooly skating around and attempts to rejoin the skaters.

She predictably ends up on her ass. Hiiragi pulls her up and asks if it’s her first time skating. Elis says yep and Hiiragi offers to teach her. The two skate around for a little bit before Elis falls on top of the poor guy.

Kureha is bored and sweeping out her shrine. Some woman asks if she doesn’t have to go to school, but Kureha says that Hiiragi has everything in line. The two talk about Hiiragi and saving/protecting the world with him for a bit.

Elis passes out her lunches to Akari and Hiiragi. Akari drops the bombshell that she made a lunch. Hiiragi immediately turns green at the gills. Akari whips out her lunch as Elis says that she can’t wait to try it. Akari’s lunch starts leaking something green that fumes when it hits the table. Before Elis can try it, Hiiragi grabs it and shovels it all down. Elis calls him cruel, and Akari just helps herself to Elis’ food. Hiiragi gets sicker and sicker as he eats, and passes out when he finishes.

Elis has a pie for desert too. Hiiragi tries to go for it, but Anzelot appears and seizes his pie. She starts talking about tea as usual while Hiiragi demands to know why she’s here. She tells him to relax, she’s just here for the chocolate desert. Hiiragi, ever the quick thinker, finally notices that she’s eating his pie.

The whistle blows for them to return to the rink and Anzelot excuses herself.

Back at the rink, Elis continues falling over herself while manly Hiiragi continues his lessons of love. Elis tells him that she’s fine though and gets up on her own. She starts to slip, but regains her balance. She thanks him for taking care of her when she’s always so clumsy, but she’s fine now. She skates off, and he skates up alongside her.

As the day winds to a close, Akari and Elis look for a present to buy for Kureha.

Hiiragi continues to beg the teacher for leniancy. Elis smiles at his persistence.

At sunset, Kureha thanks Elis for the little cellphone strap they bought her. Elis and Akari show off that they have matching ones too. Hiiragi lags behind, carrying the groceries. Ellis falls back and talks to him. While they’re all distracted, Elis slips something into Hiiragi’s jacket pocket.

After dinner, Hiiragi has finally nearly recovered from the horror of Akari’s cooking.

From the balcony, he watches the girls clean up inside. He reaches into his pocket and finds a cellphone strap that Elis left there. He thinks how nice the times are before heading back in for the usual dinnertime arguments with Kureha and crew.

At Anzelot’s HQ, there’s massive Emulator activity going on. All over the globe, major demon lords are appearing. The reports keep rolling in. Anzelot says aloud that the final battle between both of them in this world is at hand.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Shinji103 says:

    Ooooohhh, some possible HiiragixEllis developments here? :D

    And at least Hiiragi didn’t somehow get blamed for “peeking on Ellis” like they sometimes do in anime. ^^

  • Tensho says:

    If what I suspect is right, I don’t think there would be any love development in this kind of anime.

  • Shinji103 says:

    Doesn’t mean we can’t wish for one. :

  • Kresnik says:

    At least we can see Anzelot in action.. I don’t like if the highest commanding officer is only sitting calmly in his seat while his/her minions do all the killings..

  • Aroduc says:

    Yes yes yes. Elis is the dragon/has the dragon in her. That’s not mutually exclusive with a romantic subplot or entanglement though. I just wish that if they spend this much time having the two flirt and ignore Hiiragi’s relationships with everybody else, they at least go somewhere with it.

  • Aexile says:

    If there is any hope for romance in this anime, it’s Elis and Hiiragi. We all know Hiiragi will be the one to save the world after Elis loses control or whatever, so Elis and him are the only two that matter :P The other girls piss me off with how they treat Hiiragi like hell.