Night Wizard #06 — Dream Weaver

November 7th, 2007


I believe you can get me through the night.


Not that I ever thought this show would be full of twists and turns, but at this point it looks pretty obvious that the great demon dragon or whatever it was called is definitely sealed in Elis. Kirihito and Anzelot remain the cyphers with their own agendas, so hopefully they’ll at least do something relatively interesting with them.

Nightmare, on the other hand… oi. As if loli Elis and shota Hiiragi weren’t bad enough, a giant man who vocalizes ‘doreamu’ constantly was just plain bizarre. Hopefully we won’t see him again though. Evil Abe Lincoln as Elis’ ‘uncle/ojii-sama’ was amusing if for no other reason than it reminded me the Futurama episode where the Holoshed goes nuts and the greatest villains of Earth’s history are unleashed… Atilla the Hun, Professor Moriarty, Jack the Ripper, and Evil Abraham Lincoln.

AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, only two more gems left for Elis’ bracelet, so either something will be happening soon, or more likely, since the next episode preview is about Hiiragi teaching her how to ice skate, we may be entering random fillerville for a few episodes. If it saves me from having to guess a the names of Bell’s throwaway villains, I’m probably okay with that. I think we could use a break from the monster/gem/dungeon of the week routine after an entire month of it.

Anzelot wanders through a warehouse/archive room talking to herself. She comes up to a jewlery box and stops. Around the corner, a man groans “Dream.”

Later, Anzelot serves this week’s tea to the hero-squad. Hiiragi is his usual combative self, but Anzelot chides him for acting up in front of a guest. Elis looks over to the man drinking his tea behind a pillar and he introduces himself as Nightmare, the dream user. Anzelot tells them that he’s a wizard who will be helping them find the next gem.

Elis sighs and tells the others that she’s got a headache. Anzelot brings out the jewelery box and says that it’s the fault of what’s inside. She opens in and shows them all a gem.

This gem is for Elis, andAnzelot holds it out to her. When Elis touches it, her arm pulses and she collapses. Hiiragi yells at Anzelot for harming Elis, but Anzelot tells them that it’s something beyond her control and knowing. Elis has now descended into a dream world and needs to be saved by her prince.

Nightmare walks up. He and Anzelot go into a big staged “isn’t it a wonderful coincidence that the dream user is here just when we need one” speech. Hiiragi doesn’t buy it for a moment.

They lay Elis on a couch and Nightmare looks into her soul. He tells them that he’s about to start and waves his hands around chanting “dream” (in English) at the others. All of them except Elis and Anzelot disappear.

Anzelot tells the comatose Elis that she believes in Elis and in their power, which is why she put her in the way of danger.

Bell slams her compact shut and gives her usual “Elis has a big and interesting heart” and dreams, etc etc. She calls on Peismal (?) and lets her be the latest minion for the good guys to slaughter.

The good guy squad falls endlessly. Nightmare chants “dream” yet some more. They finally land in the world of Elis’ dream, a library full of books, though almost all of them are Daddy Long Legs (the book she got from her ‘uncle’). A little girl runs up to them, saying that it’s because they’re the thing from her ‘uncle’ and she loves it. The girl is the Elis of her youth.

Nightmare explains that in the illusions of Elis’ world, this girl is a representation of Elis. Hiiragi and Kureha try to convince her to come with them, but Elis hears a knocking and thinks that it must be her ‘uncle.’ She runs out the door and the rest of the team gives chase.

Hiiragi runs fast first into a giant cream pastry which falls apart. Nightmare comes in right after yelling at Hiiragi to be careful and then slips on the cream and goes flying into the wild blue yonder. Kureha thinks it’s fun and starts bouncing on the fluffy pastry and ends up leaping up to a fluffy cloud. She surveys the candy kingdom while Akari tastes some.

Loli Elis yells at them from a distance, but then thinks that she’s keeping her uncle waiting and runs off. The three try to give chase, but fall through a pastry to another world of pastries. Nightmare lands on a nearby flan and tells them to follow him.

They make their way though the freakish world. Hiiragi asks Nightmare what it means, but he laughs and says that he has no clue. They come to a stairway of cookies where they find Kirihito waiting for them. Hiiragi demands to know what he’s doing here, but Akari asks him if he’s here to help save Elis. Kirihito laughs about how fun this dream is and starts walking away. Hiiragi and the others turn around and go in the opposite direction. Nightmare watches him leave.

Kureha, Hiiragi and Akari find Elis having a tea party with her teddy bears. Kureha remembers Elis telling her that Elis didn’t have many friends. Elis tells her teddy bears that her parents are gone and ties to comfort them.

Hiiragi gets fed up with seeing Elis sad and tries to go to her. He’s repulsed briefly by a jolt of energy from the flower wall, but then passes through. He walks up to loli Elis and tells her that it’s time to go home. Elis tells him that she needs to stay here to be with her uncle. Her uncle wouldn’t forget her. She shakes off Hiiragi and runs inside.

She goes to a calendar and starts tearing off numbers until it’s her birthday. Tables and presents all materialize in the room and then Abe Lincoln in white appears and wishes her a happy birthday. She runs up to him and jumps into his arms. He tells her that they’ll have fun together and the two hug. He apologizes for worrying her.

Hiiragi, ever the spoilsport, comes in and tells Elis that this is a lie. Kureha and Akari tell her that she needs to wake up. Nightmare just scowls.

Abe Lincoln tells Elis to not believe them. He’s her uncle after all. Nightmare asks him what he is. Things that Elis doesn’t know shouldn’t exist in Elis’ dream. Abe Lincoln calls Nightmare irritating and starts walking to the window with her. Hiiragi and the others run closer, telling her that it’s not her birthday yet and she promised to meet the real him for the first time then, so this one must be a fake.

Nightmare says that he finally understands, this is a construct made to trap Elis from the desires in her heart. Elis looks over and sees the real ‘Lincoln’, who grins demonicly at her. She starts struggling and kicks him over, knocking down all the walls and revealing a crimson sky. She runs off. Hiiragi starts to give chase,  and Nightmare throws him a jar from Anzelot that will help him follow Elis through her dreams. ‘Abe Lincoln’ gets up to follow them, but Nightmare shoots a blast at him and the girls ready their weapons. Nightmare wants to see the demon that would prey on this girl.

Elis sobs alone in a tiny chamber, wondering where her real uncle is. Hiiragi knocks on a door to nothing and calls to her. He picks up the jug (of tea) and inspects it. Then decides to drink it and see if it helps. It shrinks him and lets him enter the door, swearing at Anzelot all the while. He wanders into the room, telling Elis that she needs to come with him. This is all a dream.

He and Kureha are with her and are going to celebrate with her. She tentatively looks back and makes him promise to protect and stay with her. He of course does. She holds up her pinky to make the promise, which he grabs.

Back with evil Abe Lincoln, they’re all fairly evenly matched, until Shota Hiiragi leaps in and knocks Abe’s staff away. Kureha wonders what happened to Hiiragi. He blames Anzelot’s tea. Akari makes another joke about him being the ‘descending guy,’ to his annoyance. Elis also wanders up to confront Abe.

He tries to call her over, but she says that he’s not her real uncle. He laughs and throws off the disguise revealing the demon lord Peisemal, the one who controls and conquers dreams. She holds up her staff and attacks them with lightning. Nightmare shields them, letting Hiiragi counterattack. His sword passes right through her though and she blasts him away and then attacks again. Before Nightmare can help, she blasts him away too.

Elis runs forward and says that she’ll protect everybody. Her eye glows and she releases a massive torrent of energy. She demands that her light be returned to her and the gem flies down and attaches itself to her bracelet. Her shields then deploy and protect them from Peisemal’s attack. They fly forward and surround Peisemal and blast her, then fall to the ground in a corridor. Hiiragi runs through it and attacks Peis, finishing her off.

Everybody compliments Hiiragi and Nightmare hands him the antidote tea. He drinks it and returns to his normal form. Elis smiles and turns away. She creates an exit for them and thanks them for everything.

The door opens.

Elis opens her eyes to all her friends standing above her. She can’t remember anything, but Kureha thinks that she was adorable and Akari even calls it ‘moe.’ Elis demands that they tell her what’s going on, but they all laugh.

Anzelot thinks that everything went according to plan as she prays in front of her stained glass window. There’s no response, but she says that she understands her god’s, Gazer’s, will.

At night, everybody is sleeping. Elis is struggling with a nightmare and we see that a badly wounded Peismal is wandering through her dreams. She staggers up a cookie stairway and comes to a door. She goes inside and then screams and runs out, terrified of what she saw inside. Kirihito stands behind her, saying that she saw what was within. Peismal screams in fear.

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    The uncle looks like a pimp.

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    Well, Honest Abe was known for smacking his bitches around.

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    DORIIII~~~MUUUU rofl

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    I think the thing behind the door could be linked to this story about a dragon ( ).