Kekkaishi #42 — Deja Vu

November 16th, 2007


Now where recently have I seen maudlin teen drama in an action series suddenly turn into low level comedy? It is a mystery.


Core values, people! Core values! You are an action show! Let’s see some action!

Like its partner in arms, it wasn’t really that bad of an episode, but it still was nowhere near , and the really awful animation problems are starting to crop up more and more. There was actually something nearly approaching an action scene this episode too, and it was essentially just a bunch of stills. It’s when the animation is really bad and doesn’t even come close to syncing up with the vocals that really gets to me. That’s such a basic thing that you take for granted in most shows. *sigh* I used to brag that you had some of the best animation around, Kekkaishi… not complain that you occasionally flirt with some of the worst.

The episode is essentially Masamori bringing the Yagyu to help rebuild after the attack and help support the two kids at Karasumori. Yoshi starts being a grumpy little dick again though and doesn’t feel like working with them/killing the monsters that invade because they’re just random little beasties. Then he hears Tokine yell and goes racing off, only to see the Yagyu members slaughter the monsters. Later, Sen and his cronies chase Yoshimori around for some unexplained reason and then the episode ends.

I do find it amusing that they apparently felt the need to redesign Sakon in the preview shots to make him much more fangy. He’s had his mouth open before. He had normal teeth. Was being vaguely effeminate not menacing enough? Good old inconsistency. At least if he’s out and about, maybe that means that this will get moving again. The preview also shows Yoshi use the Absolute Edge technique again, but for the most part, it’s shots of the Yagyu wandering around Karasumori like a bunch of confused children and/or Sen’s little confrontation with Yoshimori.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Tensho says:

    If this follow the manga, in the next one or two episode they will be going head to head with Kokuboro. I wonder if this series is going to be like bleach and naruto or is it going to stop somewhere and let the manga pick up.

  • karna says:

    Tensho, I think the manga’s still way ahead of the anime… assuming that episode 41 is somewhere in volume 11 or 12, making it around chapter 105-115, the manga raws are still quite far ahead at at least chapter 186. I still think they have a while before they catch up with the manga. It’s pretty easy to forget how far ahead the RAWs are when both the scanlation and official English release are both quite behind that, but I don’t think we’ll need to worry about that. Besides, they don’t seem to mind a long hiatus. I’m not sure whether a hiatus or a filler is better though. I ‘m just looking forawrd to the impending action.