Kekkaishi #41 — Yoshimori vs Some Crows

November 6th, 2007

The less said, the better.


As expected, this was 100% a training episode for Yoshimori and 100% totally uninteresting drek. He continues his quest to get stronger by wanting more control and speed to match Kaguro’s, so goes and trains at a temple sealing crows. He also wakes up early and bounces the giant iron ball in their yard to work on his strength. It’s probably even less exciting than I make it sound. At the end of a few days of training, he’s now quicker and more accurate than Tokine. Hooray. I’d be happy that it looks like they finished the training mini-arc in two episodes, but next episode doesn’t look to be much better either. Masamori and the Urakai swing by for what appears to be a party and the menacing thingies from the last 15 seconds of this episode are totally absent. *sigh* Oh Kekkaishi… how the mighty have fallen. Damn you, McDonald’s! From Hell’s Heart, I stab at thee!

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  • Saffire says:

    Kekkaishi’s training episodes (in the manga as well) are hardly ever long. And really, I haven’t been disappointed in either episode, though they haven’t been great, they haven’t been bad, and I’ve been entertained. And I wouldn’t worry, we’re heading for some awesome stuff in the very near future.



  • Aroduc says:

    Hi Spoon.

  • Anonymous says:

    At least now he won’t absolutely suck and miss at anything that is moving faster then a snail

  • Perios says:

    You still seem to judge the episodes devoid of any connection to the context. Episode 38 was THE action climax of the series so far and now only 3 episodes later where things cool down a bit and we get some character time you write something about how the mighty have fallen? Oh well, can’t please everyone I guess.

  • Aroduc says:

    The context is that I, the audience, have spent 2 months without any reason at all to be interested in the show. I don’t care what DVD viewers think. I don’t care if they repackage the show so that it cooks you gourmet cakes and gives you backrubs while you watch it. The big picture is that the last time I had anything positive to say about the show was in early September. If they hadn’t gone on a month long hiatus, I’m sure that I would be a lot more forgiving, but fact of life; they did. And they have absolutely nothing to show for it.

  • Perios says:

    Then maybe you should take a prolonged break from the series? If your main argument for this equivalent of a “but I want it NOW NOW NOW” tantrum is that you’re basically unhappy with what you get considering the real time waiting period for new episodes and thus bash the show itself then you’re doing yourself (and the show) a disservice.

    I take it you’d rather have fun while watching something? Take a step back and think whether you’d be happier with those episodes as they are now if they had aired on a strictly weekly basis. If the answer is “yes” (and you implied so with the “if it hadn’t gone on a month long hiatus” statement), then leave the show for a while and come back to it once it has finished or accumulated more episodes, so you can judge it on its own merits and not the circumstances that accompany its airing.

  • Aroduc says:

    I did take a break. For a month. :-p

    And I find your suggestion that you’d need to marathon a series to find it enjoyable to be rather unpalatable at best. I shouldn’t have to go out of my way to fabricate a situation that makes the show better. That’s the show’s job, not mine. Besides which, if I wanted to, I’d just do a shot every time that Yoshi complained about not being strong enough. By the end of the episode, I’m sure I’d be ready to praise just about anything.

  • Perios says:

    I didn’t say you’d need to marathon it. In this case it seems you don’t react very well to the absence of a constant fix. What I’m suggesting is that you accumulate a buffer of episodes. You can then watch it on whatever schedule you please, be it all in one go or only one episode a week.

    Right now you’re bashing a show based mainly on how it is airing and not on what the content is. What good is a review like that? What’s the big deal if you don’t watch it for a while? Afraid you might enjoy it again? Going by your front page, you seem to follow other series as well, so I’m sure you can find something else to fill your time with in the meantime. The series is not holding a gun to your head and forcing you to follow it as it comes out, is it?

  • Aroduc says:

    Nah, the content for the last few weeks has been generic, boring, poorly drawn, poorly animated, and in short, terrible. That’s just exacerbated by the hiatus. No length of time is going to change how lame they’ve been. *shrug*

  • Perios says:

    Ah, much better. While I don’t really agree with what you said, it’s at least an opinion aimed at the series itself and I can agree that we disagree and move on. ;)

  • Aroduc says:


    I really am hoping things pick up soon. It’s awful that the closest thing to a good non-mecha action show in the last couple months has been Prism Ark.

  • sasakorujjin says:

    Aww Yoshi is starting to get better? I mean, I like that now he’s getting better, but I don’t like it exactly that he overpassed Tokine in her area of expertise. kinda liked the fact that she had something she was good at, and she was useful to Yoshi. Its just that, every time the min dude conquers what the girl is good at, she goes into that depressitive stage and feels like she’s useless.Glad for Yoshi though.