Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho #26 — Romeo and Juliet

October 14th, 2007




I am genuinely baffled as to what the staff was thinking here. “Yeah, sure… the show is about kids with super powers fighting monsters and each other, but you know what would be a great way to end things? Let’s have a flashback to them putting on a Romeo and Juliet play.” Honestly. This episode was just outright painful in almost every imaginable way. The art sucked, it was a goddamned happy flashback, and people were so far out of character at times that I got the feeling that they were gearing up for Aoi’s harem spinoff. God knows, the males in the show couldn’t manage a harem, unless it was in a show like Princess, Princess or Kyou Kara Maou. At least Marie had a couple cute scenes. She’s the only one in the show that’s allowed to act cute. Well, maybe Maiko too, but she’s too much of a ditz with a thing for Sagaya that I have yet to understand.

Screw summarizing this nonsense. “Aoi remembers back to them putting on a play for Romeo and Juliet (right before the Chaos stuff started) and then sheds a single tear as she turns to walk out into the city that she helped to destroy.” *sigh* What the hell is with Tokyo Majin and completely screwing up the endings? I should probably save that for the Final Impressions below.

Final Impressions:

*ahem* What the hell is up with Tokyo Majin and completely screwing up the endings? In the first season, they cut out all the action and had the contrast set wrong. This season, they jumped from a huge fight with the dead rising to a punch knocking out the bad guy and then inexplicably, three out of four of the Godbeast people coming down with various dread plagues. Why not four of four? I have no clue. Nobody has any damn clue. And then after that ‘arc’ ended, they switched things up and gave us a bloody clips show and then this. End on a crappier note, why don’t you?

This season was a lot less enjoyable than the first, personally. It started off pretty well with the 12 Generals attacking, but then there was a complete absence of any animated action whatsoever until Mibu and Hiyuu’s duel. Then a long period of nothing again until the penultimate episode, which, while awesome, doesn’t excuse the other 10 episodes for being rather lame. Add to this the disjointed story telling, the inexplicably motivated Chaos, and the problems at the end and… blech. Even the destruction of Tokyo didn’t really matter all that much. Why was it destroyed? Who knows. Yagyu is evil or something and they needed a distopian world to rebuild in the epilogue. Bah, says I. Bah!

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14 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Cho says:

    >>Why not four of four?

    Why any, really? Because apparently, the only thing that happened after St. Aoi’s Deus ex Oculi was Hiyuu punching Ryuuji then flying off into the great wide open, Alan and Marie and Daigo didn’t do any more fighting after they were totally healed. Komaki and Hinano aren’t dead, which means Aoi’s Deus ex Oculi healing wasn’t just temporary…

    >>the inexplicably motivated Chaos,

    I think he was just a sociopath, with contact from Yagyu, maybe? I dunno, in the game, Kaosu isn’t even a character. By the time you meet him, Yagyu’s already possessed him.

    >>Why was it destroyed?

    The Ley Lines/Dragon Veins/Dragon Lines/WTF they call it in the dub. Seriously, that’s the game’s answer for everything. Basically, the flow of energy all converged on one point and boom. (Of course, in the game, Tokyo is the land blessed by the four gods, and as such it doesn’t get destroyed…

    Way to go anime, you finally got Komaki’s personality to match her personality in the game! That’s super great! It doesn’t tell viewers why Komaki is suddenly acting WACKY AND GENKI instead of OBNOXIOUS AND BITCHY, though.

    Also, I think the whole message of this episode, about Hiyuu having friends and being happy and accepted would be better if, say, the next chronological episode hadn’t involved him turning into an emo asshole.

  • Hiyuu Lover says:

    I don’t understand athing !!!

    you mean that u have a game for tokyo majin ?

    I know a bout a stupid old game have the same name of the anime ! But do you mean My hiyuu-kun have his own game ?

    WAAAAAAAW perfect ! I will go to start seartching hahaha

  • Totali says:

    I’m definitely going to have to say that the ending was horrible (or endings even…if you wanna do that). Other than that though, I didn’t think the series overall was that bad. Sure, there was a lot less action, but things like Marie’s awesomeness and Hinyuu getting strawberry milk thrown in his face made up for it. I liked the alteration of the first op and the second op too, and the production quality definitely seemed like a step up from the first season.

    Then again, I just marathoned this in one day, so I guess the series didn’t drag on as much for me. Sigh…still bitter about the ending….all of Hinyuu’s super saiyan powering up was totally meaningless. If they do come out with a third season, I might not even care about it that much anymore. =\

  • rea says:

    So will there be another season then? I mean you can’t leave a story more open ended than that? What about Hiyuu????

  • Chloe says:

    Heh. Kyou Kara Maou. Harem. I’m sorry but you are so right about that.

  • SanJi says:

    well what i think is that Anime in general now these days leave the story open for some reason they dont seem to end it pretty well, they want viewer to start guessing, think about what would happen or if they going to come out with another season. I just hate how anime are left open like that now… sigh””-.- this started happen when hikaru no go ended its there trend to end it stupidly

  • Raeur says:

    hm.. so will there be 3rd season?

  • Raiso says:

    Can someone explain the ending to me? Did they meet Hyuu again or its just a flashback or dream?

  • wantonu says:


  • tsukiko says:

    i think they really need to make a third season… and though i like the fact that they made a few more episodes at the end (so we could see a bit more of hiyuu ^.^) they really should’ve made some kind of ova instead of putting it into the actual anime… i mean, i was watching it, and i was all like, yay! more episodes! maybe hiyuu’s coming back! but it was just a bunch of flashbacks… though they did explain a bit more about hiyuu, which was cool ^.^
    and that thing about him turning into an emo asshole, hell, his parents were just murdered! of course he’s gonna turn into an emo asshole for a while! ^.^
    and the fact that they put so little emphasis into the fact that tokyo was destroyed was kinda dumb… i mean, they’re all like, “oh no, tatsuma’s gone! what, tokyo’s destroyed? pssh, who cares” but i guess that’s just being hypocritical, cuz that’s exactly how i was feeling when i was watching it… but there’s a difference between how a viewer should feel and how the characters should feel~! ^.^

  • Rachel says:

    will they make a third season…….the ending kinda sucked when Tatsuma left…..hes kinda cite(okay a lot of cute)

  • Alt says:

    Yeah, at the end this show took a crap and died. It was almost as if they changed writing staff 3/4 of the way tru. I do like that some of the characters actually developed a bit this (that) season. But yes I agree the ending was horrid. I think what actually happened is that they really did all die in the last battle and the last three eps are a “Jacobs Ladder” style flashback.

  • the plot sucked says:

    wow…this show has a worse storyline than the Aizen arc in Bleach… Seriously, Bleach’s plot is predictable and has a million plotholes, but at least it’s coherent and somewhat easy to follow… not like this crap where the directors probably pulled random crap out of their ass

  • Random commenter says:

    Really, I have to agree with Totali. The anime wasn’t out right bad. I did enjoy it, even if I just ended up watching the whole damn thing because it TALKED about undead, me being horribly obsessed with zombies started watching it… And I really just can’t put something down without seeing all of it.

    Still, if the whole deal was just “Figure it out your own damn self.” … Well, if they’re Yin and Yang… Neither could ever beat the other, so they just fight each other for the rest of eternity, yeah?