Potemayo DVD Episode #2 — Yaaaarrrr!

October 25th, 2007


We be the tooth pirates!


Even for Potemayo, this episode was strange. Sunao drinks what he thinks is an insect, and it turns out to be a tiny horned pirate. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to take that. It’s some kind of transcedental humor to practically demands ingestion of mind altering drugs. At least JCStaff seems to be having a good time with the DVD episodes. They’re not totally up to the same level as the series, but like a junkie, they’re enough to string me along and keep anticipating the next quarter ounce of Potemayo flowing through my system. The total absence of Guchuko in them is making me very very sad and angry though.


At Sunao’s house, Potemayo wanders around in her oversized sweater. She sees Sunao lost in thought and runs over and leaps on the table. She tries to get his attention, but his dark mood depresses her too. He finally says hello.

His father then wanders in and has just the thing to cheer them up and does his usual routine of flipping out with props from various cultures.

Later, Mikan and Sunao walk to school. She wonders why he’s so quite and tries to strike up casual conversation with him about the weather or going to the bath.


Yasumi lurks behind them and smites Mikan. Sunao looks over at Yasumi and transfers his dark mood to him as well. Both Sunao and Mikan back away from Yasumi as he yells in indignation.

At school, Sunao is still depressed. Kyo wonders what the problem is, but nobody knows. Potemayo is worried about him too. Through the lesson, Potemayo and Mikan watch Sunao with concern.


Afterwards, Mikan and Potemayo get together to make a wish, but don’t know where the nearest shrine is. The teacher is there with an explaination of where Boston (not Buddha) is, but Mikan pulls up his wig and they try to use him instead. Probably… it’s some terrible pun involving Boston, Buddha and Berkely at any rate.

After classes end, Mikan tries to get him to eat something to feel better. She gives him her usual sandwich set. He thanks her and seems to perk up a bit, but when he tries to take a bite, a sharp pain in his mouth knocks him out of his chair. He falls into Mikan’s arms for her usual shocked routine.


As Sunao recovers, a tiny bug leaps onto the desk. It’s a pirate… thing… who looks around and then hops over to Sunao’s sandwich. Before it can dig in, the bird tries to eat it. It hops out and leaps away, vowing to fight the bird… and then gets eaten and swallowed this time.

The guys in class start flipping out about how strange it was.

Flash back to Sunao pouring a glass of milk and seeing something swimming in it. He wondered about it for a moment, but then drank the milk anyway. Everybody in class yells at him for not being normal.


He’s all better now though and apologizes to Potemayo for worrying her. Mikan is still knocked out and emitting a high pitched whine.

At home, Sunao’s dad is making pancakes for dinner while going on about how Sunao’s is still a kid for not wanting to admit that his tooth hurt. Sunao says that his dad’s not one to talk since of his dad’s mouth is swollen and scary.

Outside, the bird leaves its (huge) poop. The pirate bursts out of it, intent on revenge… and is stepped on by a dog.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Totali says:

    lol Suna-o’s death stare…it’s not the pirate that matters, it’s what happens from it! Sunao falling on Mikan lol! HONI HONI