Our Condolences, Ninomiya-kun #04 — My Two Maids

October 25th, 2007


Law of Anime #153: If a show has more than one maid, then one will be a hopeless klutz who will goof off and break more things than she cleans.


Well, at least the show’s picked up a bit from the first two episodes, although the high points for me tend to be the short little jokes at the start of the episode. Mayu’s badly drawn yaoi scars us all. The Twister scene was also exceptionally racy. Yeah, we see that they have their clothes on, but with Mayu thrusting the air and moaning… I’ll just make sure to not have the volume turned up whenever I start watching the show. The relevations about the past continue to be fairly generic and uninteresting. Ninomiya was the boytoy for both of them until Mayu acc– oopsies. Nearly got ahead of the show there.

Anyway, not much to say. Other than a few awful awful shots, the art and animation has settled into the semi-decent level that it’ll probably stay at for the rest of the show. At the very least, it’s no longer fluctuating as wildly as it was for the first episode. I could use more polar bear fighting though. I did derive some unintentional humor from Ninomiya intently staring at Mayu’s rack while he talked to her. At least, I think it was a badly framed shot. That’s the problem with having mediocre production values. Maybe they meant it as a joke, maybe not. Who knows.

Mayu intensely reads her yaoi manga in her room. She decides to make her own manga as well. Reika yells at her for locking the door, but Mayu says that she can’t come in. Shungo is sleeping off in the corner. Mayu is nearly finished.

In the morning, she brings her completed manga to class and shows it to Ayakawa. She looks at it briefly, the angrily drops it and shakes Mayu, yelling at Mayu for ruining her dreams.

Reika has taken to her duties. She hears Mayu and Ninomiya seemingly engaged in… intimate affairs… and goes over to investigate. We get to see Mayu… uh… thrusting while Ninomiya is above her. He reaches beyond her as she keeps moaning and squealing and we finally see that they’re playing Twister. Mayu collapses and Ninomiya lands on top of her. That was subtle.

The older siblings yell at the two for not talking it seriously and trying their hardest. Mayu tries to defend Mayu while Ninomiya stares at her rack. He hugs her and agrees that they’ll try their hardest.

A crash alerts the others that a very pissed off Reika has dropped the vase she was cleaning. She tries to storm off, but Ninomiya’s sister hugs her from behind and starts groping her while saying that was something a maid would be punished for. Reika screams as the rest just watch.

The rest of the day is filled with Reika doing chores while Mayu and Ninomiya happily play. At the end of it, Reika looks over some chart for her company while her minion says that it’s useless to try to come between Mayu and Ninomiya. Reika gets up and combo attacks him for suggesting that her intentions might be less than pure. She tells him that she needs to protect him from Mayu, etc etc.

She sits back down and thinks back to her old memories of a young boy. Unfortunately she can’t quite remember and starts tapping on her laptop, sending a strange signal which throws the Japanese economy into chaos.

At the Ninomiya house, Ninomiya sleeps on a chair with a broom in hand. Reika comes into the room and comes close. She touches his lip. Ninomiya has a dream back to when he was young and cooked with a girl. The two went to a carnival as well. She was sick though and collapsed. Ninomiya cried over her and leaned in close.

Back in reality, Ninomiya stands up and screams “who was that,” grabbing Reika’s hand in the process. He finally realizes what he’s done and recoils, apologizing for being weird.

The two try to go for the broom at the same time and blush. They step in closer to each other.

Before any romance can form, the older siblings show up and chew out Ninomiya for spending time with a girl aside from Mayu. They drag Ninomiya off and leave Reika to finish cleaning.

Reika places a call to Hosaka, asking for his help. He tells her that’s not something a maid should do, and gets an earful of Reika-screaming static for it. She returns to work as Mayu runs by, looking for Ninomiya. Mayu decides to help out Reika, but Reika yells at her to just get away.

Reika keeps cleaning while Mayu sits, bored. She starts playing with the various acoutrements around the room until Reika yells at her for pulling out all the crap and making her life more difficult. While being chewed out, Mayu backs into a ball and it shatters. She tries to apologize, but Reika darkly ignores her and starts cleaning it up.

Outside, Ninomiya is being forced to fight against a chainsaw wielding maniac.

Back inside, Mayu as found a maid uniform and wants to help Reika. She grabs the broom from her and runs off to the kitchen.

Ninomiya’s training continues with a machete serial killer.

Reika wonders what Mayu thought she was doing… as the kitchen is in complete shambles. As Reika cleaned up all her messes, Mayu just proceeded to make more. Mayu apologizes over and over again. The two start cleaning up Mayu’s disaster.

While scrubbing the floor, Mayu sees a button under a counter. If there’s a button, you must press it… and Mayu does.

The counter slides down and a hidden passage is revealed. Mayu wants to explore it, but Reika says that suspicious things like this are normal for big houses and they should leave it alone.

The decision is made for her when Mayu falls down it. Reika goes to see what happened and falls as well.

Ninomiya is up against the last killer, a strangler with super powerful hands.

The two girls make their way through the passage. Mayu thinks its fun, so Reika gives her a scolding that it’s not meant to be fun. The two keep walking until they come to a series of laser sensors. Reika stops Mayu from walking into them and explains to her how to avoid them. Reika starts walking through them, telling Mayu to follow her lead.

They slowly go through them until the alarm goes off. Reika looks around, knowing that she didn’t trigger one… and sees that Mayu’s extra chest area is what set it off. First a flood chases them backwards, then a fireblast chases them forwards again… then a boulder backwards.

The boulder finally lodges at a bend in the passage. As they sit exhausted, Mayu sees another switch and tells Reika about it. Reika says “don’t push it, you crazy bint,” but stronger forces are at work and Mayu’s already got her finger on it. Another passage opens in front of them and the two continue deeper.

They come to a room filled with old knick knacks. Mayu finds a box with Ninomiya’s old clothes.

Reika looks around and finds a photo of young Ninomiya. The memories of growing up with him come rushing back in a torrent and her tears well up.

Mayu glomps her from behind with some other Ninomiya trinket. Mayu tells Reika that she used to be sick and can’t remember her youth very well, but she loved a boy too. She’s fine now, but not having the memory makes her sad. Reika starts to say something about herself, but Mayu yells out in happy surprise after finding a sealed box covered in warning signs.

They accidently knock the top off, revealing a mechanical sensor. The room starts spinning and they end up dumped out into the bath. Reika looks outside and sees the sun setting and says that she’s got to get back to work. Mayu grabs her hand and says to leave it to her to help. Reika relents and tells Mayu that she can help if she insists.

Before they can leave, Ninomiya’s sister shows up as the hand of god for breaking into their secret area and making a huge mess of everything. Reika tries to make an excuse, but Youko denies it. Mayu’s brother shows up with a badly beaten up Ninomiya, scaring the hell out of the girls, but Youko carries them off before they can say or do anything.

Hosaka flies a helicopter off with the two girls in it to bring them to their punishment.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • nope says:

    i think reika was pushing the buy and sell button so there was a chaos in the economy
    but srsly this anime is a great laugh, i almost thought that shinku was getting raped :D

  • Hinano says:

    This is nowhere near as good as Kaichou wa Maidsama

  • Aroduc says:

    Probably. There’s no real rhyme or reason to how the mouse was behaving when she was tapping on the pad. It should either ‘click’ or move, not both. *shrug*

    That brings us to my secret shame. I’m actually illiterate and can’t read manga. :-P

  • Hinano says:


  • Calawain says:

    Subs finally came out after some delay, and I would agree that Mayu’s yaoi has emotionally scarring effects. Overall I find Mayu’s character is kind of annoying, it was unfortunate that in order to see a lot of Reika this episode that we had to see a lot of Mayu. The clumsy maid who tries really hard is pretty cliche.