Blue Drop #01 — Love is a Battlefield

October 2nd, 2007

Forgotten, strangled, and lured into a dark place by an alien. Good start?


Blue Drop oozes pretension in a way that only yuri anime seems able. A girl nearly kills you, you have a flashback to your childhood, throw flowers at her, and then go and throw rocks in a lake while thinking about it. This kind of progression of events is only possible when your writers are sitting on high, looking down on the world and wondering how they can make things as deep as possible instead of following any sort of logic.

Now that I’m done mocking its overblown attempt at art, it is an extremely pretty show and had a very strong musical track backing everything up aside from the little catfight towards the end which was just embarrassing. 

The problem is with the content. Everything seems pulled straight out of Mary Sue fanfiction, with the angry girl who feels that nobody understands her becoming the roomate to a mysterious girl with glowing blue eyes and delving into the mysteries within. Characters who are rebellious and emotional are fine, but so far, the amnesiac Mari was grumpy and pissy just for the sake of being grumpy and pissy… except for when the script called for her to instead go being meloncholic at a lake. Other things also contributed, the long drive up to the girl surrounded by birds, slapping eachother with flowers… all steadfast imagery in your standard yuri anime that seemed to be in there just to be there. I know that if somebody had just tried to kill me, I’d be reaching for something a lot more deadly than a handful of flowers and would certainly not just go mope about it afterwards. Police are there for a reason.

At any rate, Blue Drop did little to threaten uprooting the current leader in my Tuesday sweepstakes, Night Wizard. It’s just entirely too close to bad 10th grade fanfiction for my tastes. It’s all wrapped up very nicely and is great to look at and listen to, but I just can’t bring myself to sympathize with either of the main characters and I’m pretty sure that I won’t be able to step back far enough away from the writing to immerse myself in it.

No summaries for the first episodes. I write as I watch, and I don’t know if I’ll care about a show until after the first episode.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Sniper says:

    Yeah if I’m so bored to even read a book. Then I will watch it and i mean if I’m dead bored. I can’t find myself to like this show. :(

  • Demon Eyes says:


    To bad you don’t like!

    I found the original stories entertaining….

    And I think it’s much better going all emo about a girl ^_^

    it would’ve been extra generic were it a guy….

    I am watching this…

    Maybe the only one too…

  • Maa Maa says:

    This shows looks good. Throwing flowers ? Lol, the writer does seems has a unique art of writing lol

  • None says:

    The anime isn’t the best, but honestly… your comment about when Mari got choked was rather… stupid, because no one cares what YOU would do if YOU were choked. Not everyone reacts the same way to things and runs off to call the cops. And most likely the cops wouldn’t do anything at all anyway. But anyway, so far the anime really isn’t all that bad, however, the manga is better.

  • Aroduc says:

    If the characters act in such a way that it’s impossible to understand their actions, then it’s impossible for the audience (me) to develop empathy or understanding for them. Hence, it is important for characters to act in a comprehensible fashion.